Thursday, April 8, 2021

Beach Report 4/8/21

We're doing a bit of grandparent duty today as the kids are both at work. After lunch, we got everybody in the car and head off for the beach. Gabi loves it.
Especially the little shallow pond formed where the stream crosses the beach, the sun heats the water and it
Skye and I left Georgia and Gabi at the creek and went on up the beach. However, the high tide made crossing the Matoaka Creek unreasonable, so we had a short walk.
On the way back we saw some interesting ship traffic. 
My first guess was right, it's the dredge arriving for the annual clearing and deepening of the Flag Harbor channel. The passage into the Harbor was busy; two small skiffs were necessary to keep the trailing dredge pipe from hanging up on the North Jetty
The walk back with a year and a half old is slow . . .
And a sad note; a dead Osprey washed up on the beach. Old age, poison, eagles? Who knows. I called DNR and left a message. We'll see if they are interested enough to call back.

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