Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Beach Report 4/20/21

An astonishingly nice day at the beach, with air temperatures in the mid 60s, clear skies, and a rising breeze from the SE.
Skye and I were surprised to find this Muskrat scurrying out of our way in the tangle up above Matoaka. Skye was upset with me when I refused to let her root out from under a downed log that it took refuge under.
On our way back down the beach, we met Abi and Gabi marching down up the beach.
It's all fun and games, until one of the little waves pushes you over!
On the way home, I had Georgia drive down the the junction of old Long Beach and Flag ponds, to look for an Osprey nest whose location was in dispute with the local Audubon society. Yep, there it is, out on a platform in the Bay, just off the beach at Flag Ponds.

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