Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Magothy River Yellow Perch Spawn a Washout

 Chesapeake Bay Magazine: Magothy River Yellow Perch Spawn Washed Out by Runoff

The Magothy River Association, guardians of the yellow perch’s tiny strands of eggs each season, watched with horror as the Lake Waterford spring spawn was virtually wiped out with a single storm. River advocates blame sediment runoff from an industrial site—and a lack of state support to save the eggs before it was too late.

Cheryl Costello looks at what went wrong and the steps being taken to prevent another spawning disaster. 

It's not uncommon for Yellow Perch spawns in the Chesapeake Bay region to be negatively affected by runoff events. I would be a little more careful than the Magothy River Association in assigning the blame to a particular industrial site. It's more likely a general result of high water at a critical time in the life of the Yellow Perch.

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