Sunday, April 18, 2021

Annals of the Biden Crime Family: Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Time for the more or less weekly review of the activities of America's leading crime family. Dan Chaitin and Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx report Forensic analysis of Hunter Biden laptop by ex-FBI agent finds 'no evidence' of fake data. And from Jerry Dunleavy alone, John Ratcliffe says law enforcement knows it really is Hunter Biden’s laptop — not Russian disinformation  Of course; other than a few Democrat flack in the media and a few Bidens, no serious person doubt the authenticity of the laptop. Furthermore, DOJ-targeted Hunter Biden twists US intelligence on emails into false 'Russian operation' narrative. "The Ruskies made me do it!"

From TNP, It Only Took 74 Days Before Hunter Biden Was Trading Off The Presidency, Beginning His Book Tour. Does anyone believe he really wrote the book and published it in 74 days, even powered by crack? At Da Wire, Despite Heavy Media Support, Hunter Biden’s Book Fails To Make Top 10, Breitbart, Hunter Biden’s ‘Tell-All Memoir’ Flops After 1st Week Despite PR Push, Positive Media Coverage. Ace gets it, Hunter Biden Got a $2 Million Advance for His Little-Anticipated Autobiography "The Crackhead Diaries." It Sold 11,000 Copies.

It sold seventy-three copies on Amazon. Seventy. Three.

This is money laundering. This is simply the media class making undisclosed campaign donations and payoffs to the leftwing politicians they favor, and who they may have to tap for favors in return.

This. Is. Criminal.

Seriously, they got the Mayor of Baltimore for this kind of fraud.

Daniel Greenfield at Front Page expects you to Ask Hunter Biden About Crack, Not About Chinese Cash "Hunter Biden’s memoir distracts attention from his real scandals." Natalie Winters at TNP, EXC: Lancet’s COVID Chairman Jeffrey Sachs States “Opposition” To “Confronting” China, Linked To Hunter Biden’s China Energy Deals. Huh?

Jeffrey Sachs, the chairman of Lancet medical journal’s COVID-19 commission, has extensive ties to several Chinese Communist Party influence groups including with ties to Hunter Biden and has voiced his opposition to “confronting China” while contributing to Chinese state-run media outlets.

Sachs, who has long dismissed the COVID-19 lab leak theory, is the Chair of the Lancet journal’s Covid-19 Commission. His lead role on the commission, which presented its findings dismissing COVID-19 originating in a Chinese lab, allows him to “oversee the investigation, not just into the origins of virus, but the world’s reaction to it in order to make recommendations for strengthening pandemic preparedness globally.”

Insty, POLLS: Most want Hunter Biden investigated.

President Joe Biden hasn’t had much luck or made much of an effort in making good on his call for unity.

But his son Hunter has.

In a new survey shared with Secrets, 68% agree that the Justice Department should appoint an independent special counsel to investigate allegations that the president’s son engaged in shady international business and tax dealings while his father was vice president. Included was the president’s brother James, whose healthcare ventures are also in the legal spotlight.

The survey from TIPP Insights is bad news for the Bidens. Not only do 85% of Republicans want a special prosecutor separate from the FBI and the Biden administration appointed, but so do 65% of Democrats and 65% of independents.
I lack confidence in the DOJ’s willingness or ability to investigate the Bidens, but this indicates that the media silencing campaign hasn’t fully succeeded despite great efforts.

At Town Hall, Kurt Schlicter thinks Letting Hunter Biden Off Is A Message To Us Peasants. TANJ. 

At ET, Republican Senators Want FBI to Investigate Biden’s Key Pentagon Nominee. Gabe Kaminsky at Da Fed, GOP Senators Urge FBI To Investigate Biden’s Pentagon Nominee For Leaking Classified Intel

More than a dozen Republican Senators, led by Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, sent a letter on Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray, urging a probe into whether a President Joe Biden’s nominee for Under Secretary of Defense for Policy disclosed or solicited classified information upon exiting the Obama administration.

Dr. Colin Kahl gave “evasive” written responses in a March 23 hearing to be Pentagon policy chief, the senators claimed, writing “an FBI investigation is warranted.”

The letter details how Kahl, former national security adviser Vice President Biden, tweeted about a Washington Post story about a military raid in Yemen in 2017. Kahl tweeted “sensitive information” about a classified National Security Council meeting that had not been reported on, the senators wrote.

The Republicans allege that Kahl also tweeted confirmed leaked and classified information pertaining to North Korea, which the Trump administration had briefed him on.

Chuck Ross at Da Caller reports that Biden Nominee Skates Through Confirmation Hearing Without Facing Questions About Her Handling Of Steele Dossier. Victoria Nuland, who was in Russigate up to her eyeballs. Wa Free Bee, Biden DOJ Pick Struggles to Defend Record on Black Panther Prosecutions "During confirmation hearing, Republicans pushed Kristen Clarke on her history of opposing civil rights cases against black defendants."

The case in question involved two Black Panthers who harassed voters outside a Philadelphia polling place. The Bush Justice Department brought a Voting Rights Act case against the pair, but prosecutors abandoned the case shortly after former president Barack Obama took office.

Video of the Panthers showed the pair shouting epithets at white voters. Witnesses testified that the Panthers threatened two African-American volunteers, Larry and Angela Counts, who were serving as paid poll workers for the GOP. The Panthers called the Counts "race traitors" and said there would be "hell to pay" when they left the polling place, according to witnesses. One of the Panthers carried a billy club.

The department's initial complaint asked a federal court to punish the New Black Panther Party in full for the actions of its two members at the Philadelphia polling place. Some civil rights litigators said that was an overreach and suggested many of the statements the Panthers made were constitutionally protected, even if they were offensive.

A federal oversight board investigated the department's decision to abandon the Panther case, including reports that Clarke, in her capacity as participation director for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, urged friendly elements in the Justice Department to drop it. In the course of that investigation, Clarke acknowledged having two contacts with department allies about the matter but claimed those conversations were not substantive.

TNP, Biden’s Deputy Energy Sec Spoke For Chinese Communist Party. Well, if you were to rule out everyone who took Chinese cash, there wouldn't be anyone left. Rich Moran at PJ Media, Lobbyist for Dictator Accused of Cannibalism in Line for Key Biden Administration Post. But to be fair, who among us hasn't eaten an unfriendly political opponent?

Breitbart, Republican Senators Question Whether Joe Biden Is ‘Really in Charge’ as Media Presence Is ‘Unimaginably Conventional’. Does anyone really think Joe is capable of running things?

And speaking of "things", Sundance at CTH reports the Biden Administration Withhold $150 Million of Ukraine Aid Until Ukraine Government Reform – Exact Process Democrats Impeached Trump For. Yeah, but Republicans don't control the House; yet. Also, Trouble Ahead, Inflation Jumps More than Expected – Gasoline Prices Increase 9.1% in One Month, Year Over Year Inflation 2.6%. Yep, gas is pushing $2.90 a gallon here, up from $2.30 ish at the election. Nicholas Ballasy at JTN warns Biden's American Jobs Plan could cost taxpayers about $666,000 per job created "The Washington Post gave Biden "two Pinocchios" for claiming the American Jobs Plan, his infrastructure and jobs proposal, will create 19 million jobs." Such a deal!

Breitbart lists the Radical Democrat Priorities in Biden’s First 100 Days: Packing Courts, Amnesty, Reparations, Federalizing Elections, DC Statehood, Banning Electoral College

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