Saturday, April 17, 2021

DIY Election 2020 Coverage: Going Fishing Edition

So, Pete blew his engine down in Florida and had to trailer it back up here to get a new 250 Honda installed. He got some break in hours yesterday, but today he wants to take it out for the rest of the break in hours and check out the fishing grounds, with Speckled Trout on the agenda, since Stripped Bass are still closed. We're leaving at 11 PM from Solomons, so I don't have the luxury of a long lingering morning over coffee and election coverage. You'll get it this way or not at all:

U.S. Officials Walk Back Claim that Russia Paid Bounties – PJ Media

Ace of Spades HQ More Fallout from Deep State's "Russian Bounties" Information Op Against the American Populace

Cheney Was A Main Culprit Of Spreading Fake News On Russian Bounties

Schiff And Swalwell Went All In On The Dubious Russia Bounty Story | The Daily Caller

Instapundit  QUESTION ASKED: How Do Big Media Outlets So Often “Independently Confirm” Each Other’s Falsehoods? …

Capitol rioter takes first public plea deal, agrees to cooperate with authorities: sources | Fox News

Representative Markwayne Mullin Confronts FBI Director Christopher Wray About Difference Between Prosecuting Capitol Hill Protestors vs BLM/ANTIFA Violence - Thus Almost Hitting a Point Many Miss, BLM Funded Joe Biden - The Last Refuge

FBI Director Wray Refuses To Say If Antifa Has Organized Finances

Police mistakes and the difference between Wright, Babbitt shootings- Jonathon Turley

WALSH: Ashli Babbitt Was Killed By Capitol Police On January 6. They Still Won’t Tell Us Who Did It Or Why. | The Daily Wire

Ashli Babbitt’s Legal Team Addresses DOJ Abruptly Closing Capitol Riot Murder Investigation | Human Events

Richard Grenell serves up numerous examples of how Dems & DC media were ‘interfering in the 2020 election’ –

BREAKING: Project Veritas confronts Brian Stelter after CNN director admits to creating propaganda | The Post Millennial

Nunes: Dems Will Weaponize Intel Community vs. 'Domestic Extremists'

Michael Flynn calls 2020 election fights in Michigan and Arizona 'tactically' important | Washington Examiner

Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws | RealClearPolitics

Georgia Republicans & Voting Law: Are They Winning? | National Review

QAnon candidates are winning local elections. Can they be stopped? – HotAir

The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.16.21 (Afternoon Edition) : The Other McCain has a quite a number, Twitchy: Mollie Hemingway DROPS Brian Stelter With His Old Tweet Trashing Trump With Debunked Russian Bounties Story, American Greatness:  Nunes Blasts Democrat Weaponization Of Intel Community Against GOP, American Power: New Report On January 6 Riot – DC Mayor Bowser Did Call For Cops To Stand Down, And Feds Botched Everything, Da Tech Guy: It Has Begun In NH, Don Surber: National Review Tries & Fails To Take Down James O’Keefe, First Street Journal:  Is It Time To Start Spelling “Journalist” As “Journolist”?, The Geller Report: House Democrats Introduce Resolution To Abolish Electoral College, Legal Insurrection: Twitter Permanently Suspends James O’Keefe – Update: He’s Suing for Defamation, also, CNN Director Admits They’re Trying To Help #BLM By Ignoring Anti-Asian Hate Crimes, Power Line: Voters Say Election Fraud Is A Problem, also, MLB’s Favorability Rating Plummets

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