Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Beach Report 4/28/21 - It's the Little Things

The first thing Skye and I noticed when we got to the harbor was this Muskrat swimming along the north jetty. It seemed like a funny place for a Muskrat, but that's not my business.
Skye was upset I would not let her give chase.

A summer like day, with temperatures reaching over 80 F until a wind shift from SW to SE brought the temperatures down into the mid 60s.
A baby Northern Water Snake in the shallows.
Perfect sunbathing weather.
There was another big slide well up the beach. I managed to get in front of it, but didn't find anything exciting.

The best find of the day was this small dolphin (or porpoise?) tooth. We only find a few of these each year, and this the first of the year, and may be the smallest ever.
Also, this very small (and very blurry) but very fresh White Shark tooth.
One way home, after numerous pets. 
A remarkable number of small sharks teeth. 42 if you throw in the 2 that Georgia found when she brought Abi down briefly. Also, the obligatory crab claw, a drum's tooth, a sting ray barb, and a small ray plate 

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