Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Chauvin, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

 No doubt you've heard. Stacy McCain, CHAUVIN GUILTY

Despite the big win for the “social justice” crowd, it can be expected that there will be nationwide riots tonight. Kind of like BLM won the Super Bowl of racial grievance, and now must celebrate by looting.
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UPDATE III: Contrary to widespread concern, there appears to have been no riots Tuesday night, at least not in Minneapolis. Of course, Antifa smashed windows in Portland, but that’s just the nightly routine there now, I guess.

I was not on the Chauvin jury, so I can't really say I saw all the evidence presented, and the relevant law laid out, so I won't pretend to know the correct result. But I do have a couple of questions, which will likely never be answered:

1) Would there have been a trial with the same outcome if the races had been reversed; a black cop knelt on a clearly resisting and intoxicated white man? Of course, the level of coverage would be much less; there is no effective "White Lives Matter" movement.

2). Would the result of the trial been different had not BLM threatened to riot (more), Maxine Waters had not demanded a conviction, and President* Biden not weighed in on the side of the prosecution before the conviction?

Meanwhile, a few links to chew on:

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