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Election 2020: How to Deal With Corporate Interference?

The big story today, I don't know if you can call it the big news, is the meeting of CEOs of major companies attempting to exert their influence on voting laws. I see a possible anti-trust violation. Anxious, CEOs plan $$$ threats to lawmakers over voting laws. Paula Bolyard at PJ Media VIP (which means the meat is paywalled) has the list Here Are 100 Companies That Don't Want Your Money if You Want Secure Elections. Spend Accordingly. If you were sincere, you'd give us the names for free. Da Wire, 100+ Corporate Leaders Meet To Plot Opposition To Election Security Measures. Stephen Green at Insty, THEY CAN’T WIN IF THEY CAN’T CHEAT: Woke CEOs Gather to Fight Against Election Integrity Laws. “Some CEOs joined the Zoom conference from Augusta National Golf Course.” Jazz Shaw at Hot Hair, Woke CEOs meet to try to thwart election integrity measures

Should people be worried about what these CEOs plan to do? I would argue absolutely not for two practical reasons. First of all, their options are extremely limited and likely close to zero in number. They can run advertisements criticizing the state legislatures of states enacting voter integrity laws if they wish, but who is going to be listening to them that didn’t already agree with their position? They can’t stop people from shopping in their stores based on how they voted. I suppose they can cancel their sponsorships of events that draw tourists to these states, but that only going to hurt (and anger) everyone who lives there. For proof, look no further than the example of how quickly Stacey Abrams backpedaled away from the MLB boycott.

Beyond that, all they could really do is shut down their outlets in these states. Of course, shrinking your business and slashing your own revenue based on your political ideology isn’t going to make you very popular with your shareholders.

Rantberg, Will Smith Pulls Slave Drama ‘Emancipation' Out of Georgia in Protest of Voter Integrity Law. Karen Townsend at Hot Hair, First movie production pulls out of filming in Georgia over election reform law

The first movie production to pull out of Georgia over the state’s election reform law is “Emancipation”. Actor Will Smith and director Antoine Fuqua issued a joint statement this morning. After weeks of discussions with filmmakers, film officials, and Georgia political leaders, their decision is official.

100 companies is a lot of  things to keep track of for a boycott. 'Bonchie' at Red State has a different idea, It's Time to Call the Bluff of These Woke Corporations, Here's How to Make Them Pay. Tax 'em!

Here’s what I propose. If these companies are going to mock and spit on Republicans who have had their back against left-wing incursions, then it’s time to stop having their back. How often do we see some head of a giant corporation saying they’d be glad to pay more in taxes to the squees of the mainstream media, all the while they’re figuring it’s not going to happen because the GOP will stop any tax hikes?

Well, let’s give them their wish. Mitch McConnell should call up Joe Biden and say he’s got a deal on raising the corporate tax rate as long as it’s only on the Fortune 500. Leave the small and moderate-sized businesses that are currently being squeezed by these monopolistic behemoths out of it. Let the woke, virtue-signaling among us see what it’s really like to live under unfettered, Democrat rule.

We owe these corporations nothing. Some CEO making tens of millions a year doesn’t make my life better, and there’s no reason for the GOP to keep reflexively defending their interests. I realize the more libertarian side of the Republican Party will throw a fit over me saying that, but I really don’t care. I’m all for a free market. A crony-capitalist, oligarchy is not a free market. It’s time to recognize that. The free ride needs to be over and these woke companies need to be made to live by the consequences of their positions and actions. Any Republican leader who isn’t down for that should go ahead and resign.

Ace, Walmart Corporate Liaison to Arkansas Asa Hutchinson: Conservatives Shouldn't Ask Republican Politicians to Change the Law. Huh? Isn't that what legislators are for, to change the law?

Breitbart, Black Conservative Pastors Expose 5 Lies by Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams About Georgia Election Bill

  • LIE: The new law restricts early voting. TRUTH: The law expands early voting hours and additional weekend voting opportunities, including Sundays.
  • LIE: Voter ID requirements are racially discriminatory. TRUTH: IDs are necessary for numerous everyday activities, and the law even lets voters use documents like utility bills instead of state-issued IDs.
  • LIE: Restrictions on distributing food and water to voters are intended to make voting more uncomfortable for minority voters. TRUTH: The law only prohibits using free food and beverages as a form of electioneering.
  • LIE: The new law eliminates absentee ballot drop boxes. TRUTH: Drop boxes never existed before the pandemic. The new law creates rules to keep them—and the ballots inside—secure.
  • LIE: The new law allows “takeovers” of local election administration. TRUTH: The law protects voters when local officials fail to prevent excessive lines or struggle to process absentee ballots.

AllahPundit at Hot Hair, still trying to restore his conservative credentials, Warnock signed on to activist email that lied about how draconian Georgia's voting law is. Sister Toldja at Red State, Buyer's Remorse Sets in as Sen. Warnock Makes Stunning Admission About Prior Statement on GA Voting Law

But in a rather stunning admission reported today by the Washington Post, Warnock’s office says that the statement the Senator originally signed on condemning the law – a statement that was put out several days after Gov. Brian Kemp signed the bill – contained proposals that did not make it into the final version:
Sen. Raphael G. Warnock, one of two new Democratic senators representing Georgia, put out an email after the law passed claiming it ended no-excuse mail voting and restricted early voting on the weekends — also early proposals that did not become law.

When pressed about Biden’s misstatement during a media briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki appeared to repeat his error by saying the law “makes early voting shorter.” Psaki also described other ways the law could curtail access and defended the president’s position, saying “his view is that we need to make it easier and not harder to vote.”

A Warnock campaign spokesman said the senator signed off on his statement days before the law passed, when those provisions were still under consideration.
In other words, the Senator condemned a law that he had not even read and in the process hurt the state and voters whose interests he was elected to represent in the U.S. Senate. As did Biden, Abrams, and all the rest. . . 

Steven Maricic at Am Think thinks When HR1 Passes, We’ll Need a Fair Elections Amendment. It actually has a lot of sensible requirements, but it will never happen. Capt. Ed at Hot Hair explains the "Kiss of death": Hhow Dems' voting-reform bill could torpedo immigrants' hopes of citizenship

In their haste to force automatic registration of voters, they might end up torpedoing immigrants’ chances for citizenship — even for legal immigrants:
Democrats who wrote the House-passed For the People Act want to require states to automatically register people to vote at times like when they apply for driver’s licenses or state identification — unless they opt out.

Some immigration lawyers are sounding an alarm, arguing that the measure could mistakenly register people who are legally in the country on work visas or green cards. That could subject them to grave consequences, like being deported or permanently banned from gaining citizenship.

Noncitizens wouldn’t have to intend to register, and they could be punished even if they never tried to vote. They could check the wrong box on a form or misunderstand a DMV clerk’s question about their legal status and face serious consequences.

“A false claim to U.S. citizenship is what we call the kiss of death. It is a permanent black mark that prevents a noncitizen from ever gaining status,” said Gloria Contreras Edin, an immigration lawyer based in Minnesota. “With the HR1 automatic voter registration system, the risk is there’s a strong possibility that there will be unintentional violation of that immigration law.”
Legislate in haste, repent at leisure. This isn’t a strong possibility — it’s all but certain to happen, perhaps even frequently. House Democrats have marinated in these issues. Did none of them bother to ask what impact automatic registration might have on immigrants before now?

 Politico whines that Hawley hauls in $3M after attempt to block election results

Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Does Rep. Steve Cohen Want to Start a War Over the Capitol Riot?  "He compared the January 6 attack on the Capitol to the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor." Probably. Does he realize our side owns most of the AR-15s and "sniper rifles" (deer hunting rifles)? Kadia Goba at Anxious finds (Democrat) House members still reeling from Capitol siege. Ace is on fire Corporate Scion of a Chickhawk Family Liz Cheney: Trump Is Creating New Insurrections By Stating That There Were Election Irregularities in 2020 and Insurrection? Biden Calls for "Peaceful Protests" and Looting and Riots Ensue 

As this twitter user points out, the last time a president did that, they called it an "insurrection" and discussed the possibility of prosecuting him. And what now?

In addition to the many acts of violence and looting below, one Black Lives Matter "protester" threatens to doxx police officers and kill their families.  Something tells me the FBI will not be opening a case on this "protester."

And the real "insurgency"? Tyler O'Neil  Antifa Just Did Something Even Ted Wheeler Admits Is Attempted Murder, Not Protest 

On Saturday night, about 100 leftist protesters dressed in antifa’s signature black bloc set fire to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) headquarters in Portland, Ore., with people inside the building.

I'm sure the FBI under Merrick Garland will get right on that, right? And from Not The Bee, Holy crap. Watch BLM protesters threaten to dox these officers and kill their families.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.12.21, Nice Deb discusses the Michigan Elections Forensics Report Says Over 66,000 Unregistered Ballots Counted in 2020 Election, which we've also seen over the last couple of days. Moreover, the report shows evidence that the Dominion voting machines used in Michigan and elsewhere have a 4G wireless modem chip in them to communicate with a center outside the election headquarters, and that printed tapes show they communicated with "central listener server via secure file transfer." They literally have the receipts. More from Geller  Investigators Discover Modem Chips Embedded In MI Voting System Computer Motherboards.

Sundance at CTH, Maricopa County Arizona Physical Ballot Audit to Begin April 22nd

[Full Background Here] After a few months of back-and-forth legal battles between the Arizona state senate and the Maricopa County board of supervisors, the ballots in Arizona’s most populous county are going to be audited beginning in approximately ten days.

If they didn't cheat why they did they try so hard to conceal it? Wa Free Bee, Virginia Shuts Down Elections Site Ahead of Key Republican Deadline "Voters left unable to register for convention due to 'scheduled maintenance'" The Banana Republic to the south of my Banana Republic. 

Peter Doran, a Republican businessman running for governor, told the Free Beacon that the failure is a result of "one-party rule" by Democrats, who control both the legislature and governor's mansion.

"Democrats have one-party rule in Virginia," Doran said. "They talk a big game about expanding voting access but apparently that does not apply to people who do not vote for them."

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