Saturday, December 12, 2020

Beach Report 12/12/20

Amazing December weather, 60 F, under partly cloudy skies, and not much in the way of wind. A very high tide kept us from going as far as usual, we couldn't cross the stream to Matoaka Cottages. 
Do you see it?
There! A decent sized Snaggletooth shark tooth, unfortunately missing a piece of the tip.
It and another Snaggletooth tooth, in this case a lower tooth. All told, 10 teeth.
I think it's a piece of turtle shell. You can barely see the concentric growth lines. I'm waiting for the experts to weigh in.

May be it's easier with it dry?

UPDATE: One expert thinks it's a huge fish scale. OK I buy that; it's about the right size and shape for a Tarpon scale, and they do occasionally fossilize. 
Not very busy, but a few of the regulars were out.
I may have stepped on the saturation just a little for this one.

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