Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Beach Report 11/9/20

Skye and I left for the beach a little after noon, and this was our first sight at the beach, a big container ship headed up the bay to Baltimore, and a flock of Buffleheads beside the north jetty.
Georgia got there ahead of us by a few minutes, in an attempt to get ahead on teeth. Even though she found the first, I won in the end, 7 to 3. Although the temperature was 45 Fish, it was pretty pleasant due to a lack of wind and mostly sunny skies.
Although we had a low temperature of 29 F last night, our visitor from Florida is still here. We found him near the "posing post" on Calvert Beach.
Not brave enough to let us walk nearby with Skye, he flew out into the shallow water across the beach to let us pass. He wasn't there when we came back down the beach.
Mrs. and Mr. Bufflehead.
Clouds moved in our our way back.

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