Sunday, December 27, 2020

On the Third Day of Chistmas Election 2020 Gave to Me

Three hanging chads, two spoiled ballots and a phone call from a phone tree.

The MSM is going on a full court press to try and convince somebody that Trump should concede. NYT, Trump’s Fraud Claims Died in Court, but the Myth of Stolen Elections Lives On. It's paywalled, but I don't really expect you to read it. The claims have never really been tested in court; the courts keep finding new ways to dodge the issue. From Breitbart, Washington Post: Denying Election Results Is like Denying Holocaust. Always with the Nazi comparisons. HuffPoo, Donald Trump’s Mass Voter Fraud Conspiracies Could Get Somebody Killed. AllahPundit at Hot Air crows, Thune: We’re Trying To Convince Tommy Tuberville Not To Object To The Election Results On January 6

McConnell and the GOP leadership can and will try to talk Tuberville out of objecting but the effort is doomed. Even if Tuberville stands down, some other populist in the chamber will break ranks and do it. It’s a simple matter of incentives. Without any objections from the Senate, there’ll be no floor debate about election irregularities and no floor vote on whether to accept a particular state’s election results in either chamber. Dozens of House Republicans are preparing floor speeches about vote-rigging conspiracies — but they won’t get a chance to deliver them unless and until at least one senator objects.

Josh Blackmun at the Volokh Report reports SCOTUS Shadow Docket De Facto Denies Trump's Latest Challenge to Pennsylvania Vote Count

The Court has not formally acted on Eastman's motion to expedite. But the Court, through the shadow docket, has de facto denied the motion, and indeed the entire challenge. A notation on the docket indicates that Pennsylvania's response is due on January 22. Two days after the inauguration. And sixteen days after Congress assembles. Game over.

It is unclear if Circuit Justice Alito was responsible for this de facto denial, or if the ruling came from the Clerk. My guess is the former. I doubt the Clerk would act alone on such a significant issue without consultation from the Circuit Justice.

Earlier this month, Circuit Justice Alito de facto denied another emergency appeal from Pennsylvania. He set the reply date after the safe harbor date. But then Alito walked it back.

The shadow docket abides.

ET,  Trump Says Supreme Court ‘Incompetent and Weak’ Over Election Fraud. Incompetent? I don't think so. Politicized? Absolutely. 

Dr. John at Flopping Aces, The Presidential election was absolutely rigged and the Georgia election is also rigged and from Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Top Michigan state senator: 'Clarifying questions' remain for Dominion after CEO testifies. Better be careful with those "questions", or you'll find yourself being sued.

As CTH noted after the media manipulation of the election began… “There is no precedent here. Seventy-four million angry American voters resolved to a common objective is not something to be trifled with.”

We do not yet know where this political crisis and ongoing battle is going to end; but we do know approximately 100 million Americans will not accept the outcome of a political process transparently filled with fraud and manipulation. That makes President Trump a very dangerous entity to the DC system, regardless of whether they admit what surrounds them.

Mediaite, Lin Wood Calls for Perdue, Loeffler to be Arrested; Urges Republicans to ‘Break’ Georgia Election by Not Voting. I understand the impulse to burn the house down, but we live in it, alas.

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