Monday, December 14, 2020

Annals of the Biden Crime Family: Gone in 60 Weeks?

He's not the first to suspect. Arthur Chrenkoff thinks Biden will be Gone In 60 Weeks:

The mission is now accomplished and Joe is not strictly speaking necessary any more, though it would be a tad unseemly to remove him too soon. Unless he drops dead between now and then, he will get sworn in in January and will get to enjoy the Oval Office for a while, more as a decoration than a fixture, while his Administration powers on ahead without much input from him and certainly without much need for all but his figurehead services.

The battlespace preparation has already begun, with two independent lines of probing attack launched through the mainstream media: the question of age and infirmity, and the controversy over potential family corruption. On one level, these can be seen as completely innocent: Trump has been defeated – the media having faithfully played its part – so certain issues that were untouchable during the election campaign can now be safely aired. That, after all, is the media’s role in our political system, shining the light and holding those in power accountable. No one can accuse them of not doing their job – finally, now that it won’t help Trump. But on another level, the two lines of attack also serve to soften up public opinion, start constructing the necessary narrative, and prepare the country for the inevitable change of guard at the top, much sooner rather than later, as would normally be expected.

I was thinking more 60 days, but I'm impatient, like Michael Goodwin at NYPo, Time to call in a special counsel on Hunter and Joe Biden. Past time. Haley Victory Smith  & Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Trump looks at appointing special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and 2020 election: Report. AllahPundit at Hot Air, Report: Trump Wants Special Counsel Appointed To Investigate Hunter Biden — But Barr’s “Unlikely” To Do It. Oh go ahead and do it. Make Biden fire a "Special" Counsel. 

The case for appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden is cut and dried. As I noted last night, even some Trump critics believe it’s warranted. Why would Barr show such restraint in this case after he was willing to elevate John Durham to the status of special counsel in order to protect Durham’s investigation?

At PJ Media, turnabout is fair play as Matt Margolis asks  Could Joe Biden Pardon Himself, His Brother James, and Son Hunter? Sure he could, and the media and Democratic politicians would agree, as long as they hadn't yet decided to dump him in favor of Kamalatoe. And then she could. 

At CTH, Sundance notes Report, Bill Barr Knew of Criminal Investigations into Biden Family in Spring and Worked to Keep It Quiet…, at NYPo, Trump says Bill Barr should have disclosed Hunter Biden probe during election, and from Da Hill, Trump ramps up criticism of Barr. Barr did the right thing, which was not the habit during the Obama regime. On the other hand, the press was absolutely derelict in denying, burying and otherwise spiking this story prior to the election.

Evidence that the media is preparing his exit? The Peacock admits, Email to Hunter Biden raises fresh questions about his tax dealings, "An email obtained by NBC News indicates the President-elect’s son was told he did not disclose $400,000 in income from the Burisma gas company on his 2014 tax returns." The same story at Da Wire, Business Partner Warned Hunter Biden That He Did Not Report $400,000 In Income From Burisma.  Some tax attorney once said, your tax return was just an opening bid. Andrew Kerr and Chuck Ross with an exclusive at Da Caller, Hunter Biden Called His Father And Chinese Business Partner ‘Office Mates’ In September 2017 Email. Beth Baumann at Town Hall, Here's What Hunter's Latest Email Dump Revealed About Joe's Involvement in Chinese Business Dealings

The new emails call into question whether or not Joe Biden had any involvement in his son's international business dealings. Back in October, Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden's former business partner, said the Biden family has been compromised.

"I'm making this statement to set the record straight about the involvement of the Biden family. Vice President Biden, his brother Jim Biden and his son Hunter Biden in dealings with the Chinese. I've heard Joe Biden say that he's never discussed business with Hunter. That is false. I have first-hand knowledge of this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden," he said at the time.

Remember: Bobulinski received the email referring to the former veep as the "Big Guy" who had a 10 percent stake in the joint venture known as "SinoHawk Holdings," which was comprised of Hunter Biden and the CEFC. According to Bobulinski, the goal of the new company was "to partner with another firm on 'global and/or domestic' projects involving 'infrastructure, energy, financial services and other strategic sectors,' the documents show."

The American Conservative, Did Hunter Biden Help Facilitate NBCUniversal’s Beijing Theme Park? "An email from the famous hard drive indicates a Chinese state-owned company wanted an introduction from Rosemont Seneca." From TNP, Biden Cabinet Picks Welcomed Chinese Communist Conference For Group Boasting ‘Private Briefings’ With U.S. Officials. At PJ Media, Stephen Kruiser helpfully tell us to Brush Up on Your Mandarin for the Biden Years

It’s valid to wonder just how many of these companies Hunter Biden may have his cocaine covered fingers in and just how compromised Ol’ Gropes is because of his ne’er-do-well son. It would be super cool if the United States happened to be home to any journalists who had enough curiosity to ask questions about this potential nightmare scenario. Sadly, those days have gone the way of the videocassette.

John Solomon at JTN, Key impeachment witness gave 2017 corruption warning about Hunter Biden-tied Ukraine firm "Ex-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch claimed in 2019 testimony she knew little about Burisma beyond media reports. Her emails show more substantive knowledge." Drag her back in front of the Senate.

Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, DOJ Subpoena Seeks Hunter Biden Docs on Burisma, Media Hardest Hit and from PM, GOP Senator says Hunter Biden's lawyers are standing in the way of investigation. If he has nothing to hide . . . ?

Fox, CNN's April Ryan suggests journalists shouldn't expose Biden's contradictions, use leaked recordings, Karen Townsend at Hot Air, CNN’s April Ryan To Other Journalists: Stop Exposing Leaks On Biden

The truth is that the majority of reporting on the Trump White House has been on stories provided by anonymous sources and leaks. CNN, Ryan’s employer, has built its brand on this kind of reporting in the Trump era. MSNBC and the alphabet broadcast networks do it, too. So, now that a Democrat is going to be in the White House, suddenly the press is expected to go back into the same sleep mode they were in during the Obama administration by partisan reporters like Ryan.
When they weren't made up out of whole cloth. Jeff Reynolds at PJ Media, How NBC News Helped the Biden Campaign Ruin an Innocent Man and Bury the Hunter Laptop Story
Instead of investigating the claims about Hunter Biden’s Chinese connections, NBC News suppressed the report and attacked the messenger. They carried water, ostensibly for the Biden campaign, and other media outlets followed suit. The American public was largely unaware of this information as Election Day approached, which had an obvious effect on the outcome. Any credible news outlet would at least ask the question: Is anything in this report true? If so, how dangerous is that for America? Instead, a major media company, with an agenda to advance, set out to destroy a researcher and discredit an explosive report that questioned the shady dealings of a major party’s presidential candidate and his family.

Who benefits from that hit piece from NBC News? The Biden-Harris ticket, and the Chinese Communist Party.


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