Sunday, December 13, 2020

Indian Summer at the Beach 12/13/20

I'm over doing the pictures today. So sue me. It's a gorgeous day here, high 60's with clear sky and now wind. On the way down to the beach Skye and I saw butterflies, this Common Buckeye and a Cloudless Sulphur or two.
A Periwinkle got fooled into blooming.
And this Bradford Pear is in full fall color in the brush by the boatyard, although the leaves are out of most of our trees by now. Bradford Pears are terrible, invasive trees, the don't hold up well in yards, but they sure are pretty in Spring, when they bloom, and in fall.
Skye got to say hi! to a fellow sled dog. This Samoyed was useless for pulling the kayak up the beach.
A big chopper, presumably military.
When we got to the creek at Matoaka, which was still extremely high, we could glimpse . . . so we forded the stream, getting wet feet in the process.
Yep; he's still here, up on one of the groins at Matoaka. 
Georgia pouring the water out of her boots after wading back across the creek. Fossil hunting was awful; 4 teeth and a crab claw. 
I guess there was enough wind to sail a sailboat.
But not enough to discourage the rowing guy. Actually, it takes a lot to discourage him. He seems to go every day, wind or not.
Buffleheads, yet again.
Trust in God, but steer away from the rocks. 

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