Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Final Beach Walk of 2020

The last day of 2020 (yee haw!) was overcast, and surprisingly warm, in the upper 40s, with little wind. Georgia beat Skye and I down, but had found no teeth by the time we caught up.
We were happy, sort of, to see Whitey (aka Oliver) down in the shallow water by the posing post, adding 16 days to the record for the latest staying Great White Heron to ever visit Maryland. Will he ever smarten up and get back to Florida?
A look back toward the posing post. Whitey can be just barely seen above the nearest groin, and to the left of the post. You may have to click on the pick to see the larger version.
The best of 10 shark's teeth, a nice little Sand Tiger I believe. Also found, a fragodile, a Tilly bone and a broken ray chevron. Tomorrow we have to get a final count on our teeth, and clean up the kitchen window sill for another year, for the annual Opening of the Year Jar post.
On our way back, Whitey had repaired himself to the posing post as we walk past. He seemed to be having a bad feather day.

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