Saturday, December 26, 2020

Election 2020: On the Second Day of Christmas

Two spoiled ballots, and phone call from a phone tree. The twelve days of Christmas:

The 12 days of Christmas is the period in Christian theology that marks the span between the birth of Christ and the coming of the Magi, the three wise men. It begins on December 25 (Christmas) and runs through January 6 (the Epiphany, sometimes also called Three Kings' Day).

A surprising accumulation for the day after Christmas. CNN tries to frighten us Frustrated Trump met with Pence before holiday break. A president frustrated after being cheated out of an election, and a president meeting with his vice president! O my gosh, the Republic is in jeopardy! WaPoo, Pence under pressure as the final step nears in formalizing Biden’s win, because WaPoo always knows what Mike Pence is thinking. Also, WaPoo keeps pushing the idea that he wants to declare martial law angle, Could Trump declare martial law to try to steal the election? 

But even if these maneuvers aren’t in the president’s tool kit, it’s dangerous for him to talk about them in a way that risks normalizing them — let alone in Oval Office meetings, said nearly every expert The Fix spoke with.

“This is really dangerous stuff to start playing with,” said Rachel Kleinfeld, a national security expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “You cannot normalize extrajudicial action outside the rule of law and believe democracy will hold. Democracies are fragile, even ours.”

Nope, not gonna happen. If anything, Joe Biden will declare martial law to mandate masks. From Politico, No, Flynn’s Martial Law Plot Isn’t Sedition. But It’s Not Necessarily Legal Either. "If it incites violence, the former general’s proposal to redo the election is not covered by free speech protections." I haven't listened carefully, but I don't recall Flynn advocating violence. But remember, to leftists, our free speech is violence, and their violence is free speech.

How dare he complain! From Joseph Curl at JTN, Trump campaign drops new ad about alleged voter fraud in swing states. "Suitcases of ballots in Georgia. Out of state voters and illegal aliens voting. Dead people voting in Wisconsin... The evidence is overwhelming," the ad narrator says." and from John Solomon at JTN, New congresswoman Boebert to oppose electors for Biden "Soon to be freshman lawmaker says decision to object is for constituents."
Lauren Boebert
Boebert, a gun-toting conservative, joins other Republicans like Rep. Matt Gaetz, Congressman-elect Madison Cawthorne and incoming Alabama Sen Tommy Tuberville, who have signaled their intent to object to the Electoral College in support of President Trump’s claims of election irregularities.

Cathy Young at ARC,  The Republican Mutiny and 2016 Whataboutism "No, the Republicans of 2020 are not the Democrats of 2016"

Rothman is correct, I believe, when he says that the effort to hand the election to Trump in 2020 was just as doomed from the start as the effort to block Trump’s path to the White House in 2016. To a large extent, the 2020 election mutiny is theater. When those fake Trump electors showed up at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing and were turned away, they protested verbally in front of the cameras but did not try to force their way in.

This explains the bizarre fact that while the president and a large portion of his political party are going through the motions of an attempted coup, few people seem very worried and life goes on. You might call it an attempted coup simulation.

Terpsichore (Tore)

In a hit piece, WaPoo whines that Sidney Powell’s secret intelligence contractor witness is a pro-Trump podcaster. Is it the fact that she's pro-Trump, or a podcaster that bothers them? It doesn't mean their not telling the truth. Aren't most of their anonymous sources anti-Trump? 

Like Merritt, Maras-Lindeman told The Post she had never spoken directly to Powell or anyone working on her legal team. She said she distributed the affidavit widely to like-minded people and was unaware it had come to Powell’s attention until it appeared as an exhibit in one of her cases.

Maras-Lindeman’s 37-page affidavit outlines a purported conspiracy by the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems, which sells voting machines used in some states, and Scytl, a Spain-based firm that provides election software. She claims that votes cast on Dominion machines in key states were hacked as they passed through Scytl tallying systems and rigged in favor of Biden.

“The vote is not safe using these machines not only because of the method used for ballot ‘cleansing’ to maintain anonymity but the EXPOSURE to foreign interference and possible domestic bad actors,” she writes in the affidavit.

 From WaEx, Dominion Voting Systems CEO confirms defamation suits against conservative operatives will be coming. Discovery should be amusing.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Mindy Robinson  ready for your digital amusement. 

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