Thursday, December 10, 2020

Beach Report 12/10/20

It was mostly sunny, in the mid 40's, with a cutting breeze from the south today when we went to beach. 
We found Whitey perched over the house in Calvert Beach. He/she looks cold. Not the best picture, but I couldn't get too close.
Fossil hunting stunk with one major exception. Under the logs at the tangle Georgia found the largest shark vertebra we have ever seen. Could it be?

And yes, the verdict from the fossil pros on the Calvert Fossils and Trip Reports page is that, yes indeed, it is likely the vertebra from a Carcharocles chubutensis or Carcharocles megalodon! So it is, indeed, an exceptionally rare find. Chubutensis is the shark immediately ancestral to the Meg, slightly smaller, and with small cusps on the teeth.

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