Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12/15/20 Beach Report

Yesterday, Skye and I settled for a street walk because it rained nearly all day, due to a winter storm. Today was much colder than two days ago, in the upper 30s, with a bit of NNW wind. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow, even snow a little farther north.
Yes, Whitey (as Georgia nicknamed him) is still here in his perch over the beach house on Calvert Beach, probably shivering and wondering why he ever left the Florida Keys.
Skye checking on me, because I let Georgia hold the leash while I took pictures of the bird.
When the "big fall" (those huge boulders in back) fell in June, it left a large Tulip Poplar tree with half its roots exposes on top of the cliff. We wondered how long it would be until it fell. And the answer? Until last night. It must have been quite a crash; large limbs are scattered all over the beach.

The girl in the foreground found a nice Snaggletooth as we were walking behind them on the way back. We only got 12 small teeth, not counting the one that Georgia handed me, that I dropped and couldn't find. 

"Hey, there's something over here I simply must sniff"
And another big one fills up at the Gas Dock.

Frack on!

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