Sunday, December 27, 2020

12/27/20 Beach Report

There was skim ice in the back of the harbor this afternoon when Skye and I got down there. Probably won't last, as we're expecting a bit of a warm up in the next couple days. 
I saw the guy who owns this truck and runs a commercial boat out of the Harbor ('Doodle Dog'), tow in a smaller fishing boat. Doing his good deed for the day. The other numbers are his boat, and his commercial fishing license number. That TFL is worth a lot more than he's making with it.

I'm tempted to ask him what a bushel costs. I haven't had ersters in a long time.

Not quite as nice as yesterday, a south wind was enough to cut into gaps in the layers. 

Not an especially good fossil day, only 4 shark's teeth, 2 each. 

Some residual snow survives in the shade of the cliff. The Kudzu has long since succumbed to the frost.

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