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Election 2020: Foreign Interference?

Of course, there's always foreign interference. The question is whether foreign interference was significant enough to change races, or perhaps to leave American winners with a sense of obligation to the foreign actors. But we have a new development, via Sundance at CTH, DNI John Ratcliffe Tells CBS News: “There Was Foreign Election Interference”, Election Report Now Delayed

Well this is very interesting. On the same day Christopher Krebs, who was the country’s top cybersecurity official during the presidential election (before being fired), testified before the Senate’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee about no election interference,… according to CBS News Catherine Herridge the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is now saying there WAS foreign interference in the 2020 election. WATCH:
Breitbart, Deep State Pushes to Deep-Six Intelligence Report Demonstrating Chinese Interference in 2020 Election. Clearly a fight is going on within the intelligence community over how seriously to report certain foreign activities. Did the the Russian support Trump, and the Chinese support Biden with overt actions? Probably. Did the Iranian muck around as much as they could get away with? Almost certainly. No doubt the Democrat leaners in the community, who seem to constitute a majority, or at least a powerful minority will push the idea that the Russian efforts were concrete, while the Chinese efforts were not, and will claim the Ratcliffe is pushing the China angle to deflect from Russian help to Trump (and as well deserved revenge for the treatment of Trump by Brennan and Clapper, who engineered the report for the 2016 election to push the Russia collusion hoax. Anyway, this one bears watching carefully, given recent developments (both the hacking of US systems, allegedly by the Russians, and the payment between the Dominion software company from China. 

Election fraud is the secret “assassin’s mace” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has long confounded security hawks, according to tech billionaire and entrepreneur Patrick Byrne, who back in August assembled a cyber intelligence team to analyze the U.S. voting system.

“For 10 years or more, there have been references to a coming ‘assassin’s mace’ in the Chinese literature—where they take out the United States with one stroke,” Byrne told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” program. “The national security community in the United States has been trying to figure this out: Is it their new aircraft carrier? Is that the hypersonic missile? Is it this, that, is it an EMP?”

“I don’t think so, ” he told host Jan Jekielek. “The one stroke that takes the United States out is what we’re experiencing right now.” The 2020 vote involved “massive election fraud,” he says. “Not voter fraud, but election fraud.”
. . .
He says his team of online security experts now believes Chinese developers are “under the hood” of the software that has infiltrated at least two of the main voting systems in the United States.

Sundance posted Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing on 2020 Election Irregularities – 10am ET Livestream, with a video link to the whole thing. Maybe later. Some highlights via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.16.20, from the Victory Girls, Gary Peters, MI Senator, Looking Into Election Dangerous Nice Deb at Am Great  Sen. Johnson (R-WI) Blasts Sen. Peters (D-MI) During Election Integrity Hearing – “You Lied Repeatedly!”

and from Pam Geller, Sen. Rand Paul Says He May Join Rep. Brooks To FILE AN OBJECTION to Electoral Votes During Joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, 2021 and from WaEx, Rand Paul: Voter fraud 'happened' and election was in 'many ways stolen'. Sophie Mann at JTN, Ken Starr to Senate: Pennsylvania 'flagrantly violated' laws ahead of presidential election

If you’re smart enough to understand all the statistical stuff in this lengthy report, perhaps you can explain it in the comments. Quickly skimming it, I understood that what they are saying is that, compared to expected results — based on previous elections, voter demographics, etc. — the reported results are significantly anomalous in five states that Joe Biden allegedly won. “[T]he model’s predictions match the reported results in all other states, i.e. states where no fraud has been alleged, but predicts Trump won majorities in five disputed states (AZ, GA, NV, PA and WI) and 49.68% of the vote in the sixth (MI).”

I am, and I have enough statistical background to be skeptical of such simple statistical models. It was an unprecedented election, and in unprecedented circumstances, unlikely things actually occur (they occur all the time too, that's why they're unlikely, not impossible). That said, I think they cheated like hell in Philly, Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis, to name a few of the most important places.

Natalie Winters at TNP, Nevada GOP Subpoenas DMV, Data Reveals Thousands Of Non-Citizen Voters, Weasel Zippers, 42,000 People Voted In Nevada Twice, Nearly 20,000 Voted Who Don’t Even Live In Nevada…

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, FLASHBACK: Biden Was Concerned About Manipulated Voting Machines, Called for Paper Ballots. But that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone. Or as Insty puts it THAT WAS DIFFERENT BECAUSE SHUT UP

Kyle Becker, A Thread unrolled, "THIS IS EXPLOSIVE INFORMATION."
"What Dr. Coomer told the Board is that Dominion Voting does not go back for recertification of software when threats to their code are discovered..."

More truth to the BIG LIE that this was "the most secure election in history."👇
Ace whines Mark Levin Rips the Supreme Court for Its Election Interference Inconsistency -- It Constantly Interferes to Push Leftwing Demands, While Using "Standing" as an Excuse to Avoid Ruling on Rightwing Complaints 

Sidney Powell on Election Lawsuits, Supreme Court Decision & Gen. Flynn Case via Epoch Times

Ace, Mitch McConnell Congratulates Joe Biden on His "Victory," Begs Republicans Not to Object to Stolen Election
I saw someone on Twitter say: Did Mitch McConnell also congratulate Chuck Schumer on winning the Senate?

Because that's what King RINO just did.

Do they really think people are going to turn out for weaklings and traitors and virtual Chinese agents?

while Newsweek whines that QAnon Supporters Vow to Leave GOP After Mitch McConnell Accepts Election Result. All six of them.

Still more at  the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 12.16.20 and at JJ Sefton's The Morning Report - 12/17/20 at Ace's. 

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