Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Russiagate Revisited

It's been a while, almost a week, since I updated this. Michael Flynn is still in the news as Checuk Ross at Da Caller reminds us that Judge Dismisses Case Against Michael Flynn But Refuses To Say He’s Innocent

Sullivan said in a 43-page ruling that he would likely not have approved a Justice Department motion to withdraw charges against Flynn if not for the Trump pardon. He also asserted that clemency for Flynn did not indicate that he was innocent of charges in his criminal case.

Kim Strassel at paywalled WSJ discusses  Judge Sullivan’s Final ‘Verdict’. Insty helps with a sizeable quote:

Judge Sullivan positioned himself as prosecutor, judge, jury and lord high executioner. He went so far as to hire a former federal judge, John Gleeson, to make the case against Mr. Flynn—and Mr. Barr. Mr. Gleeson gave it his all, filing a 30-page brief asserting there was “clear evidence” the motion to dismiss “reflects a corrupt and politically motivated favor unworthy of our justice system.” That implies a grand conspiracy and impugns the reputations of dozens of Justice Department professionals. Yet it turns out the only evidence Mr. Gleeson had for such an outrageous claim was Mr. Trump’s tweets expressing interest in justice for Mr. Flynn.

Meanwhile, have pity (or not) on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which in August naively provided Judge Sullivan the opportunity to dig out—which he disrespectfully declined. A three-judge panel in June ordered Judge Sullivan to drop the case. He appealed, and the full D.C. Circuit agreed to hear his plea. That was a mistake, establishing joint ownership of Judge Sullivan’s malpractice.

The court made a second mistake by wrapping itself in legal knots (with Chief Judge Sri Srinivasan ignoring his own 2016 precedent, known as U.S. v. Fokker Services) to give Judge Sullivan an out, claiming he should at least be provided the opportunity to rule. The appellate court made clear this was a face-saving exercise; it expected Judge Sullivan to dismiss the case quickly. Instead he made fools this week of his higher-court colleagues. He sat on the case for months, and only when forced by a pardon did he issue a ruling in which he made clear he had no intention of granting the Justice Department’s dismissal motion. (Judge Srinivisan’s willingness to remake law at the behest of a rogue judge is worth remembering if his name comes up for elevation to the Supreme Court.)

It was Mr. Comey’s arrogance that dragged the country into the three-year Russia-collusion saga, so perhaps the Sullivan ruling is a natural bookend. It’s a reminder that for all the caterwauling these past four years about the breaking of “norms” and “standards,” the unhinged critics of Mr. Trump have done the most damage to the system.

Freed from the threat of prosecution, Flynn is speaking out. John Solomon at JTN, Mike Flynn fires back at FBI, DOJ: ‘I've seen corruption up close and personal’ "Former general suggests trial judge refused to follow law."  Breitbart, Michael Flynn: There’s an ‘Anti-American’ Sentiment in the DoJ, FBI, Intel Community. YouTube, Gen. Michael Flynn Full Speech at March for Trump Rally in DC 12/12/20 and Fox, Flynn: Feds should have been looking into Swalwell instead of him and Trump. Maybe they have, and maybe not.  

Speaking of Swallowell, Scott Johnson at Power Line has Swalwell's Swill (Say that ten times fast). 

In the annals of misdirection, this Politico story retails nonpareil spin: “Rep. Swalwell says Trump criticism behind spy story.” Subhead: “The California Democrat says the president is trying to make him look bad.” As for “trying to make him look bad,” I rate the degree of difficulty at 0.0.

Jordan Peterson at Da Fed tells how As Swalwell Spy Scandal Spirals, Pelosi Won’t Say How Many Other House Intel Dems Had Sexual Relationships With Spies, More than she has ice cream bars?  Fox, China's extensive 'honey trap' spy network could involve thousands of ploys underway now, "ex-operative says 'There are many more of these women out there,' retired CIA officer Daniel Hoffman says."  Chuck Ross at Da Caller reports Swalwell Spoke At Same 2013 Event As Alleged Chinese Spy Who Worked For Dianne Feinstein. Birds of a feather. PM, EXCLUSIVE: Swalwell Took Donations From Chinese Communist Party Employee "In the years 2014 and 2015, the California Congressman accepted a total of $6,000 from Victoria Li, an employee of Air China: a state-owned, Chinese Communist Party-run company." Fox, Swalwell stonewalls on relationship with suspected Chinese spy for 3rd day "Swalwell says he did not share classified information with her" Or as it would be said in anti-Trump newspeak "asserts without evidence." Twitchy, Richard Grenell calls out newspaper for fake news on Rep. Eric Swalwell and his Chinese spy friend

​NotTheBee reminds us NYT has not covered the Swalwell Chinese spy honeytrap scandal a single time. Usually, at least, sex sells. Rick Moran at PJ Media, Sensenbrenner Requests Ethics Investigation Into Swalwell's Relationship With Chinese Spy. Yeah? Good luck with that. 

Fox, Special Counsel John Durham expanding team, making 'excellent progress'  "Fox News has learned that Durham is adding prosecutors to his team". Matt Vespa at Town Hall, 'Full Speed Ahead': Durham Expands Russian Collusion Hoax Investigation. Caution, I remember the same headlines about the Mueller team. Jeff Dunetz at Da Lid is also skeptical, Is Durham Really Expanding His Team And Making ‘Excellent Progress?’ "Why Does It Seem That Durham Is Like Lucy Pulling Away The Football Again?" Chuck Ross at Da Caller, John Durham Sought Christopher Steele’s Notes From A Meeting With The FBI In Which An Agent Said The Ex-Spy ‘Wasn’t Truthful’. Steele would be a nice scalp. Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Lisa Page would be more satisfying.

Lee Smith at JTN, Clinton associate wrote anti-Trump dossier in 2016 claiming he had Russian FSB source "Cody Shearer’s intel, forwarded to FBI via Christopher Steele, should have set off disinformation alarm bells, intel experts say." We should call it the "Clinton Dossier."

Ben Weingarten at Da Fed asks a strictly rhetorical question, Why Does Corporate Media Amplify John Brennan’s Neverending Lies? Because they want to buy the shit he's selling.

Jazz Shaw at Hot Air says Trump Suggests He Might “Declassify Everything” Just do it!

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