Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Oregon, My Oregon

 After tolerating riots in the Portland streets all summer long, Oregon finally decides to crack down on . . .

. . . lockdown and anti-mask protesters in Salem. Jeff Reynolds at PJ Media, Explosive Scene at Oregon State Capitol: Riot Declared, MRAPs and Pepper Spray Deployed.

During a special session of the Oregon legislature called by Democrat Gov. Kate Brown, protesters descended on the building to attempt to enter. Several police agencies responded with officers in riot gear, MRAPs, and pepper spray to enforce the governor’s order to close the building due to concerns about the Wuhan CCP coronavirus pandemic. Patriot groups organized a gathering to protest the continued draconian lockdowns across the state, as well as the unconstitutional legislative session that excluded public oversight.

State Rep. Werner Reschke (R-Klamath Falls) tweeted that keeping the people of Oregon out of the session violates the state constitution:
Explosive Scene at Oregon State Capitol: Riot Declared, MRAPs and Pepper Spray Deployed. “This kind of riot line and equipment deployment seemed to be utterly missing from riots caused by antifa and Black Lives Matter throughout 2020 in multiple cities across Oregon. Yet when the people of Oregon try to exercise their constitutional rights to watch in person as their representatives do the business of the people, however, an army of police came out.”

They let Antifa do what it does because they don’t mind what it does. They go all out to stop ordinary citizens protesting because they don’t like ordinary citizens, and certainly don’t want them empowered.

Oregon voted poorly. 

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