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Election 2020: Could It Drag Out Even Longer?

Georgia (the state) continues to dominate the fight for the election, as AllahPundit crows Atlanta News Station Debunks “Smoking Gun” Voter-Fraud Video. Fox, Georgia county recertifies election results, rejecting fraud claims tied to viral video, "Source said video has been investigated and debunked" Well, what do you expect them to say "Ah, you caught us; here's your presidency back"?

It’s just completely, completely pointless for media outlets to invest resources in doing fact-checks like this. It’s their duty, and it’s virtuous. But you can’t falsify a theory that’s designed to be nonfalsifiable, by definition. The big “Stop the Steal!” crusade is a loyalty test, not an evidentiary undertaking. If Trump and Giuliani say that this video shows people counting fraudulent ballots then it shows them counting fraudulent ballots and you’re a traitor if you disagree. Watch, then read on.

You also can't prove there wasn't fraud going on from the video. It's possible faking a water crisis to kick observers out of the count has a totally innocent explanation, but it's damned unlikely. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, KERIK: Biden Received 'Mathematically Impossible' Spike in Votes When Suspicious Ballots Counted in Georgia. Bernard Kerik ain't my go-to mathematical consultant, but yeah, some of that stuff strains credulity too. 

ET, Hearing Set in Sidney Powell’s Georgia Election Case  Let's hope she's got something good. Paul Bedard at WaEx, 20 House Republicans demand Barr investigate ‘suitcases’ of ballots in Georgia. good luck with that. Joseph Weber at JTN, GOP Rep. Cloud says Justice, FBI putting up 'roadblocks' in efforts to verify voter fraud. Most of DOJ is still in enemy hands. 

Sundance at CTH has a thought piece on The Election Fraud, The Usefulness of COVID, and The Big Picture. It's been obvious for months that the Dems would use the WuFlu to change our election methods to their favor. It has always been my belief that the best way the GOP can get reform is to become better at using the new methods than they are. But are they willing to? Time will tell. 

Roger Kimball at Am Great The Burden of Proof
Ah, the process! When Donald Trump won in 2016 there was incredulity followed by hysteria followed by resistance weaponized by the strong arm of the actors in the Justice Department, our intelligence services, and deep-state bureaucrats. That has continued for four years.

Now the nearly 74 million people who voted for Donald Trump are supposed to acquiesce calmly to a process that appears to be thoroughly rigged.

What happened? Let’s leave Dominion Voting Systems and direct cyber interference out of account for the moment. Think about this. Generally, about 5 percent of the vote is by absentee ballot. Traditionally, the presumption was that one would vote in person if possible. If, for some good reason, it was not possible, one would request an absentee ballot. This time, under the cover of COVID-19, millions upon millions of ballots were sent out. Somewhere between 90 million and 100 million were returned—60 percent of the vote. What checks were in place to authenticate them? Essentially none. No signature verification, no easily audited trail from voter to vote counter, nothing really. It was an invitation to vote manipulation.

I suspect the 2020 election was rigged six months ago, when the Democrats understood that they could use the hysteria over COVID-19 as a cover for the most massive ballot stuffing scam in history. Donald Trump warned about it, but did nothing. Maybe he couldn’t do anything. Maybe the inertia of the bureaucracy was too strong. I do not know.

Stacy McCain, Erstwhile #Resistance Spokesman Now Presumes to Lecture Republican Voters referring to Roger Moore. I intend to be every bit as gracious as the Democrats were in 2016-2020. 

Da Wire, Alito Responds To Appeal Asking To Block Biden Win In PA. But is it too late? 

Maybe, maybe not. 'Shipwreckedcrew' at Red State thinks that the possible sanction for Pennsylvania not abiding by its own election law in allowing unlimited mail in voting could be to have Pennsylvania electors excluded from the electoral college Is There Another Scenario That Makes Justice Alito's Dec. 9 Response Date Meaningful in Different Way?
I’m not 100% certain in how this would play out beyond a Court decision — maybe that will be my next research project — but let’s suppose that the Court rules in favor of the Kelly Plaintiffs on the merits, and invalidates the “no excuse” mail-in voting scheme imposed on the Pennsylvania electorate without their consent as is required under the Pennsylvania State Constitution. What remedy other than simply declaring the 2.3 million mailed-in votes invalid might the Court impose? That would be a “naked” decision by 5 or more Justices to change the winner of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes — a step I think the Court would be highly reluctant to take, as history would always reflect that it was the Court who chose the winner through its jurisprudence.

But, something I think the Court could bring itself to do is to simply declare the Pennsylvania contest voided — and to do so at such a time that prevents Pennsylvania from naming any electors to the Electoral College. That would shut the state out of the 2020 process of electing the next President.

This would be justified by the simple fact that the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the elected officials of the Pennsylvania State Government are all to blame for the manner in which the election was conducted. They violated the rights of all Pennsylvania electors who were entitled to vote on the Constitutional Amendment adopting “no excuse” mail-in voting by imposing that scheme through Act 77 in violation of the Constitution.
. . .
That would be a lesson the remaining 49 states could greatly benefit from.
How 2020! Now do Georgia, too. The New Staff at JTN relates how the Amistad Project argues in new report that Electoral College deadlines are not set in stone "Illegal conduct by state and local officials during the election process can alter the deadlines for choosing electors."
The white paper says that these deadlines — Dec. 8 for disputes to be resolved and Electors to be determined, and Dec. 14 for the Electoral College to meet in person and vote in their respective states — are a "direct impediment to states' obligations to investigate disputed elections."

According to the Amistad Project press release, the paper examines the history of Electoral College deadlines, which "are not only elements of a 72-year old federal statute with zero Constitutional basis, but are also actively preventing the states from fulfilling their constitutional — and ethical — obligation to hold free and fair elections. Experts believe that the primary basis for these dates was to provide enough time to affect the presidential transition of power, a concern which is fully obsolete in the age of internet and air travel."

Phill Kline, the director of the Amistad Project, argues in this paper that the Dec. 8 "safe harbor" deadline does not apply when there have been "flagrant violations of state election laws" that have "affected the outcome of the popular vote."

The Amistad Project has filed litigation in several of the swing states, where they argue that "more than 1.2 million potentially fraudulent ballots" were the result of illegal conduct by state and local officials. They say that in each of the disputed swing states "the number of potentially fraudulent ballots far exceeds the margin separating the leading presidential candidate."

According to the white paper, the only date in the election process set by the Constitution is "the assumption of office by the President on January 20."

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