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Election 2020 - It's All Over But the Litigation

With votes for Biden mysteriously continuing to materialize in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Detroit, the Decision Desk HQ awards Pennsylvania to Joe Biden, giving him 273 electoral votes, and winning the presidency. Most networks and Joe Biden have, however, continued to keep the Pennsylvania door open, but with Georgia,  Arizona, Nevada all leaning Biden it's clear, that without a major upheaval in the ballot counting Biden will win. 

Capt. Ed at Hot Air, Down Goes Georgia? If So …  ".. then Pennsylvania might not matter." Stacy McCain has Georgia on My Mind

The extending of deadlines and the obviously suspicious delays in “counting” are a formula for fraud. The evidence that Atlanta has become to Georgia what Chicago is to Illinois cannot be ignored by Republicans. On Wednesday morning, it appeared that Trump had won the state with a solid margin, yet it was still within the margin of theft, with Democrats in Atlanta (and Savannah) alerted to how many “extra” votes they needed to fabricate in order to steal the state for Biden.

Oh, also, they managed to manufacture enough votes for the Democratic Senate candidate Ossoff to push that into runoff territory. So I’m trying not to watch cable news today. Or this week, really. Just pretend the election is over. Maintain my sanity. “Self care is not selfish.”

The Guardian Georgia announces recount after presidential race too close to call.  Hot Air cites CNN, Trump Has Told People He Has No Plans To Concede and Capt. Ed, Team Trump: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over. Yes, that's a thing about Trump. He fights. CNN upset that  Fox Won’t Refer To Biden As “President-Elect” After Projecting Victory the way Nancy Pelosi does

Roger Simon at ET, The Disastrous 2020 Election Will Never Be Resolved 

If one were to design a system by which a democracy could be subverted, even destroyed, universal mail-in voting (not, of course, normal absentee voting that requires the citizen to request a ballot) would be at or near the top of a list.

What could go wrong?

It’s not just the obvious—dead people voting, people who left the state voting, illegal aliens voting, signatures no one could possibly recognize being authenticated, signatures with no record, envelopes being back-dated, ballots found in gullies, ballots dumped in gullies, ballot harvesting, foreign agents voting surreptitiously en masse, deadlines that keep moving like the proverbial goal posts, and who knows what.

It’s an actual guarantee of chaos—and that’s what we had and have.

No one will ever really know what happened.

Capt. Ed, Let’s Face It: Mail-In Balloting Was A Disaster. A man made Democrat deliberately designed disaster.

Needless to say, there will be a lot of questions about the slow roll from Election Night results to today’s end game of an apparent — but not yet certified — Joe Biden victory. The most frustrating part of those questions is that they could have easily been avoided, especially given the months of preparation we had. The decision by states to push mass mail-in balloting with no preparation, to prevent Election Day counting of those ballots, and to ignore statutory deadlines on delivery created a cloud over what should be a transparent and efficient process.

Michael Walsh, ET,  Democrats and Media Collude to Steal Presidential Election

The mechanism was simple: flood the electorate with unsolicited ballots due to the “pandemic,” establish collection points from which they could be scooped up and monitored, sit back to watch the honest electorate stand socially distanced at the polls in the mistaken belief that Election Day actually meant something anymore, count into the wee hours, suddenly “suspend” the tallies while figuring out exactly how many votes would be needed to erase Trump’s lead over time, and then declare Biden the winner.

And so it has unfolded. By the time all the “votes” will have been “counted,” Trump will have lost not only Michigan and Wisconsin but Pennsylvania and – just to add insult to injury – Georgia, where the hulking shadow of Stacey Abrams will at last be avenged for her narrow loss in the gubernatorial race there two years ago.

But there’s no evidence of voter fraud, cries the Left, ignoring the manifest circumstantial evidence in plain sight: the numerical disparity between the presidential votes and the down-ballot races; the polling place closed to GOP observers; the mysterious shutdowns; the timely appearance of extra Biden votes.

There is also the reprehensible collusion of the media, which refused to call races for Trump all evening, thus always keeping him behind in the EV count, even when he was in fact well ahead. The pollsters did their part as well, consistently gaslighting the public with absurd predictions of a Biden landslide—something that they knew not to be true—in an effort to sway public opinion and discourage GOP turnout.

But, WaPoo whines, USPS Processed 150,000 Ballots After Election Day, Jeopardizing Thousands Of Votes. Based on our Post Offices efficiency, I believe it. That's why we dropped off our ballots at a polling place 10 miles away.

At Da Blaze,  Horowitz: How Republican-controlled state legislatures can rectify election fraud committed by courts and governors, an idea from Mark Levin. By appointing the electors as originally mandated by the Constitution. Wouldn't that be amusing! But also pointing out how governors and courts have changed the rules, which state that the State Legislature controls the elections.

Meanwhile, JD Davidson at Da Fed hears Reports Of Election Fraud Keep Piling Up In Michigan. What’s Going On? John Solomon at JTN, Detroit city worker blows whistle, claims ballots were ordered backdated, FBI probing. To err is human, but to fuck up on a massive scale, there's nothing quite like a computer program. Ooopsie, Michigan county flips back to Republican after 6000-vote software glitch is fixed (PM), Sundance at CTH, Michigan GOP Identifies Software “Glitch” in Voting System – One County Had 6,000 Wrongly Assigned Biden Votes Corrected To Trump When Fixed… and Zero Hedge, Software 'Glitch' In Michigan Erroneously Gave 1000s Of Votes To Biden; Up To 47 Counties Compromised. As noted in 0Hedge, the software was widely used; How many errors will there be found elsewhere? Detroit Freeper, Fixed computer glitch turns losing Republican into a winner in Oakland County. Bryan Preston at PJ Media, BREAKING: Michigan Legislature to Convene Joint Oversight Hearing Saturday After 'Glitches' Give 6,000 Trump Votes to Biden. Good, maybe they'll exercise the Horowitz/Levin option, which they should do, if the election is broken beyond fixing.

John Solomon at JTN, Scrutiny of top PA election official grows as GOP says she 'fundamentally altered' outcome "The Pennsylvania Secretary of State advised that a voter whose mail-in ballot was rejected would be eligible to vote in-person with a provisional ballot on Election Day."

There will likely be a mandatory recount in Pennsylvania,  Will there be a Pennsylvania recount? Here are the rules. They need to steal more to avoid that. Breitbart, Report: Democrat PA Officials ‘Privately’ Feeding Biden Campaign His Potential Margin of Victory. How do you know how many votes you need to create otherwise? Hot Air cites Newsweek citing Hannity, Maybe Pennsylvania’s Election Should Be A Do-Over. Sure, why not? Nicholas Ballasy at JTN, Pennsylvania House Speaker seeks 'full audit' of election returns before certification. Virginia Kruta at Da Caller ,‘Is The Pope Catholic?’: Rod Blagojevich Has No Doubt Democrats Are Stealing Votes in Pennsylvania. Daniel Payne at JTN, Rate of rejected mail-in ballots almost 30 times lower in Pennsylvania this year than in 2016 "In 2016, the state rejected about 1% of mail-in ballots; this year it is running so far as 0.03%." I'm sure people didn't get any less error prone. Herr Professor Jacobson at LI, Justice Alito Orders Pennsylvania to segregate and secure “ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3”
The Republican Party of Pennsylvania sought in emergency injunction from the U.S. Supreme Court requiring the Secretary of State and County Boards of Election to segregate and secure ballots received after the statutory deadline:
In short, an order from the Court is badly needed. But given some county boards’ refusal to confirm that they are segregating ballots and the Secretary’s changing guidance, an order requiring segregation of ballots may not suffice to preserve RPP’s appellate rights. RPP therefore now asks the Court for an order directing Respondents Secretary of State Boockvar and the county boards of elections, pending certiorari review or further order of the Court, to log, to segregate, and otherwise to take no further action related to any mail-in or civilian absentee ballots received after the General Assembly’s received-by deadline.
Justice Samuel Alito just issued an administrative injunction, pending consideration by the full court:
All county boards of election are hereby ordered, pending further order of the Court, to comply with the following guidance provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth on October 28 and November 1, namely, (1) that all ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3 be segregated and kept “in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,” and (2) that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately.
The attorneys for Pennsylvania had represented, in an earlier litigation that ended up in a 4-4 deadlock twice, that this procedure would be used, but apparently the Supreme Court was just informed that was not the case. Alito continued:
Until today, this Court was not informed that the guidance issued on October 28, which had an important bearing on the question whether to order special treatment of the ballots in question, had been modified. The application received today also informs the Court that neither the applicant nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them.
I am immediately referring this application to the Conference and direct that any response be filed as soon as possible but in any event no later than 2 p.m. tomorrow, November 7, 2020.
It’s unclear that forcing PA to comply with its own statutes on late ballots would make a difference, but it might make some difference depending how the on-time portion ends up.

But according to Buzzy,  Judges Are Rejecting Trump’s False Claims Of Shady Poll Practices After Looking At The Evidence

Beth Bauman has the video at Town Hall, WATCH: Nevada USPS Worker Allegedly Offers Stacks of Ballots to Undercover Reporter. Nope, nothing at all suspicious happening here. But what is the possible remedy? Dan Chaitin and Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, Republicans send criminal referral to DOJ about alleged voter fraud in Nevada.

Althouse, reads the WSJ. "The vote counting in Arizona and Georgia has seemed professional and transparent. The same can’t be said of Philadelphia..."  But Hot Air attempts to debunk the Sharpie story No, Using Sharpies Didn’t Disenfranchise Arizona Voters. Well, maybe, maybe not.

And The Oregon Muse has a pretty good Morning Rant at Ace's.

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