Thursday, November 5, 2020

Beach Report 11/5/20 - He's Still Here

Not Donald Trump, although he is too. No, Whitey, the Great White Heron who has been lingering on our beach since Sept 1, and who had been missing since I last reported on him, is back in one of his usual hangouts.
So, did you hear, Trump might be on track to take Arizona back? Given that he needs 1 "Biden" state in addition to his leaners Alaska, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia to make 270+ electoral votes, this is big news.
A gorgeous November day, sunny, mostly blue, and with a rising southern breeze
Not a busy day at the beach
Fossil hunting was only so so, 10 teeth, but I did stumble on this beautiful Snaggletooth lower, sharp as can be, and a small but complete ray chevron.

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