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Election 2020: There's Something Happening Here

Well, all the major newspapers and networks  (yes, including Fox) and have called the election for Biden, so they can now start calling him "President-elect Biden". This despite several state still counting and in doubt, waiting for law suits and possible recounts (almost certain in Georgia). He is not really President-elect until the electoral college meets and votes, but never mind. Smitty at The Other McCain has some advice: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

First and foremost: #StopTheSteal. We do not deserve to have the Left piss down our back and tell us it’s raining.

In the alternative case, we’re in better shape than 2008. The leadership vacuum that crippled the Tea Parties is filled by Trump.

A fully weaponized, free range Trump is going to destroy the Left. Watch him . . .

We'll see. Anxious helpfully reminds us Trump's odds of winning through a recount are nearly impossible. But I agree. Shifting more than 10K votes in a recount is very difficult unless someone can find good evidence of a  of major ballot fraud, and get a large number tossed in a consistent direction. And, of course, the left is starting to whine Here We Go Again: What Happens If Trump Refuses To Concede The Election? (Karen Townsend at Hot Air).

Let me first say that I have no doubt that President Trump will concede when he thinks all of his legal options are exhausted. Why should he concede before that? It is really disingenuous of Democrats to act as though Joe Biden would just throw in the towel and not pursue all the options if he lost a race as tight as this one, especially given some of the concerns that have arisen about the voting process. The sheer amount of mail-in ballots used in this election produced uncertainty, chaos, and confusion in states across the country. This was an election as we have never seen before.

President Trump will respect the peaceful transition of power but he will not go without a fight. Would you? Trump didn’t just run against Joe Biden. He also ran against the Democrat machine, the media, Republican grifters, and those unable to accept the good track record Trump has in office, and of course, the entertainment industry who have been busy creating and airing unflattering movies and productions against him for four years. He will exhaust every legal option. There is a process for that.

Joe Biden was quick to say in June that the military would escort Trump out of the White House if he refused to leave. Last month, Gen. Mark Milley said, um, no, we won’t. He reminded everyone that the military has no role in elections because this is America. It’s not how we roll. Joe Biden, we will soon be reminded, is not so sharp about the Constitution and how everything works. The media has called the election for Joe Biden as I write this Saturday morning. Up until I began this post, I was writing about Biden’s thwarted victory speech last night. I thought that he would have to wait until after the weekend to get his chance to do that.

 And there's still plenty of reason to keep fighting. PM, US Postal Service whistleblower reveals identity, alleges voter fraud

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has released an update on a USPS worker who is a whistleblower to alleged voter fraud in mail-in-ballots. This whistleblower previously wished to remain anonymous but now is willing to not only go public, but testify under oath.

“He is going to testify about the backdating of ballots in Erie, Pennsylvania, in a battleground state,” said James O’Keefe.

This refers to the allegation that USPS supervisors have instructed postal workers to continue to pick up ballots and intentionally postmark them as coming in on election day.
Katie Pavlich at Town Hall, Philadelphia Mayor Proves Exactly Why Americans Don't Trust Their Election Process
Given Philadelphia's blocking of Trump officials from properly overseeing vote counting (despite a court order), city ballot counters wearing "Biden/Harris" face masks, a history of notorious voter fraud and overall lack of transparency from officials, there are serious questions about fairness and impartiality.

Not to mention, Mayor Kenney isn't the first Philadelphia or Pennsylvania official to decalre Biden the winner before the votes are counted. Before Election Day, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro did the same.
ET, Exclusive: Rep. Paul Gosar Suggests Some Election Results ‘Very Skewed,’ Citing Reported Software Glitch. A glitch implies something accidental. I'm fairly sure this was deliberate. But it was the same software that caused the 6000 vote shift in Michigan. Beth Baumann at Town Hall Trump Campaign to the Media: Here's Actual Proof of Voter Fraud, Just as You Asked Actual zombie voters. 

From our friends across the pond at the BBC, Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs (Sept 2016)

Too many voters - Check

A high turnout in specific areas - Check

Large numbers of invalid votes - We'll see

More votes than ballot papers issued - We'll see

Results that don't match - Check

Delay in announcing results - Check

And I found this one especially interesting and valuable, essentially proof of large scale fraud. Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law (Mathematics). First the background on Benford's law: 
Benford's law, also called the first-digit law, is a phenomenological law about the frequency distribution of leading digits in many (but not all) real-life sets of numerical data. The law states that in many naturally occurring collections of numbers the small digits occur disproportionately often as leading significant digits. For example, in sets which obey the law the number 1 would appear as the most significant digit about 30% of the time, while larger digits would occur in that position less frequently: 9 would appear less than 5% of the time. If all digits were distributed uniformly, they would each occur about 11.1% of the time. Benford's law also concerns the expected distribution for digits beyond the first, which approach a uniform distribution.

It has been shown that this result applies to a wide variety of data sets, including electricity bills, street addresses, stock prices, population numbers, death rates, lengths of rivers, physical and mathematical constants,  and processes described by power laws (which are very common in nature). It tends to be most accurate when values are distributed across multiple orders of magnitude.

It is named after physicist Frank Benford, who stated it in 1938, although it had been previously stated by Simon Newcomb in 1881. 
Leading digits in Michigan precincts

It looks like "someone" has increased the leading digits in Biden votes across precincts in from ones and twos to fours, fives and sixes. Since the precincts are nominally independent counts, this almost begins to suggest a conspiracy. That should be sufficient evidence for at least a recount, at least if the judge listens to decent statistical advice. But of course, if the ballots were created, even that might not be a sufficient remedy. Throw out the election and start over, with in person voting. And the problem is not restricted to Michigan:

And as if you needed more proof that something hinky is going on, Twitter is embargoing this.

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