Sunday, November 29, 2020

Election 2020: Still Dragging On

Lot's happening in Pennsylvania, not all of it good. Capt. Ed at Hot Air, first Hmmm: PA Judge’s Stay Order On Certification Argues Mail-In Ballots Challenge “A Viable Claim”; Update: Laches Doctrine In Play? then   Breaking: PA Supreme Court Tosses Challenge To Mail-In Ballots. Citing the "Laches" doctrine, which basically holds that if you went along with and conducted the election according to the rules, even though the rules were imposed unconstitutionally, there is no remedy. You played the game, now live with the score. Gateway, Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tosses GOP Lawsuit on Absentee Ballots, Lifts Block on Certification of Election  But there is one remedy, Pennsylvania GOP Legislature Will Seek to Reclaim Power to Appoint Electors: State Senator. John Solomon at JTN, State lawmakers seek to decertify Pennsylvania election results, citing 'substantial irregularities', or as Newsweek whines, Trump Allies Call for Nixing Certification, Picking Electors After 'Compromised' Pennsylvania Election. AllahPundit crows PA State Senator, Retweeted By Trump, Falsely Claims More Mail-In Ballots Were Returned Than Were Sent Out

Three interesting links from Sam Faddis at AND, Voter Fraud – First of Three: Did The Dead Vote In Pennsylvania?Voter Fraud – Second Of Three: More Dead Voters In Pennsylvania and “One Person One Vote” Means Each Person Votes Only Once, and speak of the Devil, Gateway reports that thousands of "indefinitely confined" people in Dane County, Wisconsin voted with the same signature, MLW, President Trump Is After the Individual or Individuals Who Voted Illegally in Wisconsin – As Gateway Pundit Exposed Earlier. Hmm. Start looking through Wisconsin ballots for other repeats. Repeated by sundance at CTH,   Hot Air, Biden Gains 132 Votes After Milwaukee Recount Paid For By Trump Campaign. Recounts alone won't solve the problem, which is that votes were added illegally. Gateway has Five Videos – Five States Where Votes Were Switched Live on TV Away from President Trump to Biden –Updated. Interesting if true, from Gateway, REVEALED: Video Released of Phone Call Recording to Chinese Manufacturer Requesting a Bulk Order of Fake US 2020 Ballots.

From Gilbar at Althouse, the 5 (or 6) Stages of Election Fraud:

The PA Supreme court said it didn’t matter if the PA election was unconstitutional because there is no remedy, except there is.

so, to review; the stages of fraud (paraphrased)

1 There IS NO Fraud!
3 Sure, there's fraud, but no more than usual
4 Yeah, there's lots of fraud, but Not Nearly Enough to make a difference
{where we are now}5 Well, the fraud made a difference, but can't cry over spilt milk
5 Thank Gaia there was fraud! Otherwise, we would have had to have had 4 more years of Trump!

Gateway, “These People Were Vicious – I Saw All Kinds of Illegal Behavior” – Michigan Election Witness Who Saw 4 AM Illegal Ballot Drop for Biden Speaks Out (VIDEO) and Dominion Rep Who Scanned Ballots in Georgia County Where Thousands of Trump Votes Were Uncounted Also Worked for Kamala Harris. Not illegal, but certainly suspicious. Matt Braynard: FBI Has Requested Vote Fraud Research To use or to bury, that is the question. Why would we trust the FBI.

Sundance, Greg Kelly Walks Through The Mysteriously Magical Biden Election Results that No-one Believes Actually Happened…

Dan Payne at JTN, Majority of voters believe ballot harvesting should be against the law - The practice is illegal in some states, legal in others. To get it made illegal, all the GOP has to do is be better at it than the Donks.  Michelle Malkin explains How It Was Done:

MSM messaging continues on task, WaPoo, 20 days of fantasy and failure: Inside Trump’s quest to overturn the election, former conservative and rabid anti-Trumper Jonah Goldberg at NYPo, Team Trump’s legal arguments veering into paranoid kook-land.

While most of the focus has been on the fraud that happened in the presidential election, it’s also worth nothing that other Republicans are also getting screwed by sketchy, late rushes of Democrat votes counted well after the election had ended. One case has become especially egregious, and it’s taking place in New York.

The race for NY-22 has suddenly flipped to the Democrat by 13 votes and the story behind how that happened will have you punching walls or facepalming, whichever you prefer. 

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