Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Russiagate: Flynn Pardoned

Of course, there would have been no need for a pardon if Judge Emmett Sullivan weren't being a partisan, pompous ass and delaying the DOJ's desire to dismiss the case because it was pursued by a corrupt prosecutors. 

First, from Anxious: Scoop: Trump tells confidants he plans to pardon Michael Flynn, echoed by Capt. Ed at Hot Air. Axios: Trump Plans To Pardon Flynn Before Leaving Office. You can read Capt. Ed's version if you don't want to give clicks to Axios. Also Althouse calls Least surprising scoop.


The Peacock, Trump pardons Michael Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Trump Pardons Michael Flynn After Sullivan ForTrump: General Michael Flynn ‘Has Been Granted A Full Pardon.’ced His Hand "Trump Pardons Gen. Flynn and Jerry Nadler Can't Stand it." Johb Sexton at Hot Air, Trump: General Michael Flynn ‘Has Been Granted A Full Pardon.’ and documents the instantaneous reactions of loathing on the left, and rejoicing on the right. Ace, Trump Pardons General Flynn
Rogue "judge" Sullivan got what he wanted -- he illegally, unconstitutionally acted as prosecutor against Sullivan and refused to dismiss his case, thus forcing Trump to pardon him, and denying Flynn the simple dropping of charges he was entitled to.

The Deep State must be uprooted -- by any means necessary.

You might remember that Sullivan was ordered by the DC Circus to deal with this expeditiously, but instead he dithered another 3 months to put the election behind him.

Sundance at CTH, Flynn Family Issues Statement After Presidential Pardon… and Sidney Powell Discusses Flynn Pardon and Election Investigations With Lou Dobbs… 

Flynn has been harried by prosecutors and judges and had his name besmirched (including through unethical leaks, to the potential harm of national security) without solid evidence of having committed a crime.

Flynn was pressured into pleading guilty to perjury (actually, a near equivalent) in order to spare his son a prison sentence. Yet the supposed perjury itself, as we now know, was not considered a lie by the FBI agents whose queries precipitated the allegation. Moreover, the subject about which he supposedly perjured himself, the conversation with the Russian diplomat, already had been deemed by investigators as containing an “absence of any derogatory information or lead information.”

In other words, they weren’t sure that he lied, and they didn’t think he had done anything wrong in the first place that he would want to lie about. 
And more investigation into the Flynn investigation, NR, Senate Intel Republicans Ask DOJ to Declassify Notes from FBI Interview with Miles Taylor
Two top Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee have asked the Justice Department to declassify notes from an FBI interview of Miles Taylor, who authored the anonymous New York Times op-ed about the resistance to President Trump within his own administration.

Taylor was interviewed as a possible witness in the Crossfire Hurricane probe and is identified in briefing notes intended for former FBI director James Comey dated May 1, 2017. It is not clear who wrote the notes, which span eleven pages and are heavily redacted, and were released by the Justice Department on October 30 of this year. Taylor’s role in the Flynn probe is also unclear.

Senator Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), head of the committee, and colleague Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr on Monday requesting the declassification.

“We request all records relating to the FBI’s interview of Miles Taylor, including all 302s and notes, to better understand his role in the Flynn investigation,” Johnson and Grassley wrote.

The 2017 briefing notes refer to a “witness interview of Miles Taylor” in connection with Flynn Intel Group, the lobbying firm of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and the group’s work in Turkey. Taylor was a staffer on the House Committee on Homeland Security at the time, and met with Flynn’s firm on several occasions in October 2016. In 2017, Taylor moved to the Department of Homeland Security, where he wrote an anonymousop-ed for the Times touting himself as part of a “resistance” within the Trump administration.

Andy Weissass is not pleased:

But Andrew Weissmann, a former member of the special counsel team, tweeted, "Trump's abuse of the pardon power undermines the crown jewel of our democracy: the rule of law."

Of course, at the NYT, Andy Weissass is still calling for Trump's prosecution. Should Trump Be Prosecuted? Strictly a rhetorical question on his part, Of course he wants to.  Or you can have Hot Air's clip. Breitbart, Mueller Investigator Andrew Weissmann Calls for Biden DOJ to Prosecute Trump. How many bites of that apple does he think he's entitled to?

Weissmann’s op-ed comes after the former Mueller prosecutor compared President Trump to Nazi Germany Dictator Adolf Hitler.

“For those people who say we should appease Trump, how did that approach go for Neville Chamberlain,” he wrote on Twitter.

Jim Treacher at PJ Media,  Computer Repairman Who Threatened Biden's Electoral Prospects Goes Into Hiding, meanwhile, New Senate findings 'confirm the connections' between Biden family and Chinese, Russian governments (PM). 

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