Friday, November 6, 2020

Beach Report 11/6/20 - The Fog

When Skye and I reached the beach, the sky was clear and sunny, but a fog bank was visible well to the north, 
and offshore. A rather low tide. 
Once we reached Matoaka, the fog had reached us.
But it did not completely conceal Whitey, who was hanging out in that area.
A rather good day in the fossil mines. 27 shark's teeth, a crocodile tooth, stubby but complete, a drum's tooth, a ray chevron, and a couple of Tilly bones. From top clockwise, the croc tooth, a Contortus tiger-like shark tooth, an upper Snaggletooth, a lower Snaggletooth, and a colorful Carcharhinus

Still holding out hope.

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