Sunday, November 22, 2020

Beach Report 11/22/20

Fall is well along, with at least half the leaves out of the trees. These Japanese Maples on our usual route down to the beach are spectacular. I found a couple of seedlings on the other side of the street a couple years ago and brought them home, they're growing nicely, but we haven't decided what to do with them yet.
The weather was not as pleasant as yesterday, nor the tide anywhere near as low. It was overcast, breezy and 55 F. Still, we found 19 shark's teeth and a Tilly bone, though none as nice as yesterday's big tooth.
Georgia and Skye are just specks near the water line on the way back. 
Georgia said she thought she saw Whitey fly into the harbor as she was driving down to the beach. On our way back, we drove in to check, and indeed, there he (or she, I don't really know) sitting on the lift slip, which has the day off.
A gust of wind caught him and ruffled his feathers for this photo. 

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