Sunday, November 15, 2020

Beach Report 11/15/20

It's partly to mostly cloudy today, with warm temperatures, near 70 F, thanks to a strong SSE breeze, up to 30 kts, ahead of a weather system that allegedly contains the dregs of Hurricane Eta. We expect some rain this evening.
A very high and rising tide  left us without much beach to walk on, and few shark's teeth to find, three. We couldn't get past the stream at Matoaka even in boots. 
Georgia wondered if the this could be Air Force One, but the photo shows that the plane belongs to the Navy. I wonder why they need that; why can't they get everywhere they need to go by boat?
And Georgia made the find of the day . . .
Whitey on the top of the house near the stream over to Matoaka. It looks like he might hang out there on a regular basis. 

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