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Election 2020: None Dare Call it Fraudulent

Ever have one of those mornings where you just couldn't get going? I blame it on the extra two or three rounds of hickory I split yesterday afternoon. So where were we?

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 11.17.20 Director Blue has Statistical Proof – Smartmatic Vote Counting System Manipulated In GA, PA To Overturn Trump’s Victory, as well as more fine links:

Note the vote flips, represented by the highlighted cells, that occurred in both PA and GA. In PA, late vote flips in bundles of around 6,000 were clear anomalies to slowly overcome Trump's lead. In GA, the bundles were in 4,800 vote swaps.

 ET, Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania Not Registered in State Data, Hundreds of Voters Say

Of the “many thousands” called, the team managed to reach 1,706 Pennsylvania registered Republican voters who, according to the state data, received mail-in ballots, Braynard said in a Nov. 16 series of tweets and later in an email to The Epoch Times.

Nearly a third of the voters (556) said they never requested the ballot.

Of the 1,137 who did request a ballot, nearly 40 percent (453) said they mailed the ballots back, but the state data show the ballots weren’t received or counted, Braynard said.

John Solomon at JTN,  Trump legal team zeroes in on expulsion of election observers, data irregularities. It's pretty clear the Trump team is angling to have several states votes declare illegal, base on a variety of hanky-panky carried out by Democrats. That would leave the states with the choice of voting again (almost impossible) or letting the state legislatures, dominated by Republicans, choose the electors.

The lawyers are prepared to argue that votes that were counted on election night and the day after without GOP observers present in Democrat-led cities should be thrown out because they were tainted by a process that was left open to fraud and abuse and illegally treated voters differently in various jurisdictions. The Trump campaign lawyers have identified 680,000-plus votes in Pennsylvania and about 250,000 in Michigan they believe fall into the category.
Bryan Preston, PJ Media Georgia County Finds 2,600 Votes During Recount—Elections Director Asked to Step Down WaT, Second Georgia county finds uncounted ballots. WSBTV, Another Georgia county has uncovered 2,700 missing votes, Secretary of State’s office says. Just because this happened in Trump country doesn't mean it wasn't enemy action. Even in rural, GOP favoring areas, "civil" servants are highly dominated by Democrats. JF Reynolds PJ Media, Attorney Lin Wood Takes a Flamethrower to Georgia Gov. Kemp. My guess is that the governor has flame resistant hide. 

Carrie Sheffield at JTN, Dominion confirms Clinton Foundation donation, Pelosi staffer tie but disputes other claims Who didn't give money to the Clintons?

 John Hinderacker at  Power Line, Conspiracy Theory, Or Stolen Election?
I have no opinion on whether the election was stolen by the Biden campaign or not. I don’t think there is any way to know, on the current evidence, whether, if only legal votes were counted, and each voter voted only once, Donald Trump or Joe Biden actually won the election. I do know that if the United States is to avoid banana republic status, we need to institute more secure and reliable election procedures. No more ballot harvesting, no more millions of mail-in votes, and some reasonable attention paid to the machines and software that ultimately count the votes.
. . .
One more thing: liberals are quick to dub anything they don’t like a conspiracy theory. But four years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that top officials of the FBI and the CIA would collaborate with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to propagate lies in order to try to swing the election to her, or failing that, to disable the incoming administration of the candidate that they didn’t favor. That scandal has greatly expanded my, and our, understanding of what may be possible. This isn’t your grandfather’s United States of America.

Josh Hammer, NYPo, After years of refusal, Democrats now preach ‘accept election results’. Althouse, "One more lame defense you hear from Republicans: Democrats did this to Mr. Trump. But that’s false, too."

"Democrats did indeed focus on Russia’s assistance to Mr. Trump’s election campaign. But they did not claim that he wasn’t president. Hillary Clinton immediately conceded. President Barack Obama invited Mr. Trump to the White House and attended the inauguration."

From "One more lame defense you hear from Republicans: Democrats did this to Mr. Trump. But that’s false, too" by the Editorial Board of The Washington Post.

The "lame defense" is put into words — "Democrats did this to Mr. Trump" — that seem easy to refute. The word "this" carries a silly amount of weight. What is "this"? What are these Republicans actually saying the Democrats did to Trump and how does it compare to what Trump and his supporters are doing to Biden now? Which is worse?!

Democrats didn't just "focus on Russia’s assistance." I won't take the time to write out all that Democrats did over the entire Trump presidency. And "Hillary Clinton immediately conceded" because the outcome was obvious on the first day. How would she have behaved if it had been as close and open-ended as the 2020 election?

Trying to Think Ahead by Christopher Chantrill at AmThink

Why is it necessary to game the vote -- even steal an election? Why is it necessary to hound a duly-elected president with a Special Prosecutor and goose up an impeachment over a phone call, and blast him throughout the COVID-19 epidemic? Why is it necessary to call your opponent’s systemic racists 50 years after the civil rights acts? Why is it necessary to censor social media, bearded @jack? Why is it necessary to hide Hunter Biden’s influence peddling? I thought you guys already owned the future.

The answer is obvious. People don’t cheat unless they are about to lose everything, wife, house, job, children. So, whatever brave front the Dems are putting on they know in their heart of hearts that the game is nearly up.

But if President Trump claws back the win I worry about the next four years. The normal story in a second term is that the opposition makes a big showing in the midterms, winning back one or both Houses of Congress. Then in the next presidential election it is “time for a change” and the new president from the other party enters the White House with both Houses of Congress and a mandate for change.

If that happens, then we haven’t solved the basic problem, which is that the Democratic Party is deeply corrupt, and that its agenda, from climate change to systemic racism, is an agenda by, for, and about the educated elite. The party, its officeholders, the media, and the whole educated elite needs to be sent to the woodshed and told to stay there until they come up with an agenda that will actually help ordinary Americans.

At Da Wire, Report Suggests Mainstream Media Silence On Hunter Biden Laptop Story Vital To Biden Success

“According to Biden campaign metrics, online chatter about the Hunter Biden story during the election’s last week was greater than it was around Hillary’s emails during last month of ’16,” the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein reported Monday. “The difference: it never spilled over into mainstream outlets.”

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