Saturday, November 21, 2020

Beach Report, 11/21/20

An overcast and somber day, yet surprisingly warm, in the low 60's, with no winds to speak of.
However, the winds from previously left us with a "blow out" tide, much lower than normal.
An OK day for teeth, 15 between Georgia and I, but what really made it for me was this massive parasymphyseal Snaggle tooth. A lousy picture from the camera, which refused to focus on anything but the shell hash. I was lucky to spot it; all I saw were the two horns of the root in a pile of shell debris.

A better picture at home. A full 1 5/8 inches, it easily displaced the up 'til now best specimen of the year on the kitchen window shelf.
Probably due to both the warm weather and the low tide, the beach at Matoaka was loaded with fossil hunters. Skye got some recognition, so she was happy.

Much less use of Calvert and Long Beach. That nearer pole to the right of center is the "posing post", usually out in the water at the end of a small groin, where many birds have been photographed down through the years, left high and dry by the tide.

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