Thursday, November 5, 2020

Absolutely No Russiagate

We're too busy fighting over the election. So what a difference at day makes, huh? Yesterday at this time Trump had the upper hand, just barely, with victory expected if all the "leaning" states fell his way, and Biden needing to claim at least one of the Trump "leaners" to reach 270 electoral votes. But after a late night dump of 100,000 votes, all for Biden, Michigan has changed from Trump leaning to Biden secure. 

Another major "midnite dump" also put Trump leaning Wisconsin into Biden's mitts. Just clerical errors we're assured by all the left leaning fact checkers, but as usual, it's quite remarkable how the clerical errors and late night found ballots tend to favor Democrats.

Meanwhile, the fight for Pennsylvania continues, with the counting of mail in votes being held without Republican poll watchers, and widely expected to either come close to, or exceed Trump's current 160,000 vote margin. There's certainly some truth that the mail in vote from Philly, which is counted last, will be heavily weighted to Biden, but election and elected official actions there don't give one the feeling of a fair count. 

Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania

As the race currently stands, Biden wins if all the Biden leaning states fall (there are only two left, Nevada and Arizona) and all his other states survive litigation. Trump needs all his "leaners" to fall his way (including Pennsylvania) and to turn at least at one Biden leaner or fallen state. Needless to say, Trump, who doesn't give in without a fight is planning to litigate in several states, so we cannot expect a quick resolution. But Biden gave a "pre-victory" announcement yesterday.

I mean, who would have thought that widespread voting by mail would have brought chaos?

As far as the Senate and House, Republicans appear poised to retain the Senate, with 51-52 seats, although a runoff or two might will be necessary. In the House, Republicans have gained 5 seats so far, and if they catch all their "leaners" might have 197 votes. Which really doesn't matter if Nancy Pelosi is still Speaker. The "Blue Wave" Democrats promised their followers has failed to materialize and the American public has voted for gridlock, again. Good for them. The left is disappointed, which is a good thing.

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