Friday, November 13, 2020

11/13/20 Beach Report

After 2 days of short walks around the neighborhood due to rain, Skye was anxious to get back to the beach. Here, just over the south jetty, we found a small raft of Buffleheads, the first sighting of winter ducks, migrants from the north

But I also immediately noticed our southern migrant, Whitey, the Great White Heron, sitting on one of the channel markers.
Georgia got a call this morning that one of our friends had a medical emergency, and asked us to come by and exercise, and let out his dog a couple times today. Georgia decided to go get Remy and meet us at the beach. A young, and high spirited German Shepherd, he and Skye get along quite well, after she has established who the bitch is. 
Although the tide was high, and we couldn't get across the stream to Matoaka, I found 9 shark's teeth, mostly tiny. By the time we were on our way back, the sky had mostly cleared.

Needs better mousse. 

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