Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why You Don't Ask a Feminist for Sex Advice

From Stacy McCain: Bad Sex Advice
Carina Hsieh is a “Sex & Relationships Editor” at Cosmopolitan who has a rather interesting confession. She’s bad at sex:
“I don’t even know where to begin, but I really have zero confidence about anything I do when it comes to sex.
“You name it, it’s an insecurity point for me. Kissing: I hate tongues. Foreplay: don’t look at me. Blowjobs: I think my mouth is too dry. Actual sex: hate my body too much to get on top. Orgasming: doesn’t happen. . . .
“Every time I don’t orgasm, not only do I feel like I have to soothe my partner’s ego, I also feel like I need to quash my own expectations because, duh, I’m the one who didn’t come. . . 
Sex is something so easy and natural that even cavemen (and presumably cavewomen) could do it. We know that because they left us behind. But add feminism, and what do you get?
“I feel like a huge failure because feigning a loud moan a few times is easier than explaining that all the antidepressants I’m on make it impossible for me to climax. . . . I can sometimes orgasm through oral sex, but it is so rare that when it happens, I find myself questioning if it ever really happened in the first place. Suffice to say, all the sex I’ve ever had is performative and reverse-engineered to fulfill some horny fantasy of mine that I’m not even sure I’m turned on by.”

Did she learn everything she knows about sex from Sex in the City? She seems to care an inordinate amount about what Carrie Bradshaw wore.
Shouldn’t someone who is getting paid to publish “Sex & Relationship” advice in a leading women’s magazine at least, y’know, be good at it?
Also, did you note Ms. Hsieh’s reference to “antidepressants”? On her Twitter account, she mentions that she has been hospitalized for her psychiatric problems and, also, she is infected with herpes . . .

So she's crazy, and has a venereal disease? Wow, what a catch! Well, At least she likes dogs, or at least her dog.

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