Sunday, March 10, 2019

Might I Suggest California's 12th District Instead?

Or maybe next. ICE drops dozens more migrants at Phoenix bus station; volunteers overwhelmed Nancy Pelosi's voters ought to be happy to help.
Immigration officials dropped off about 50 more undocumented migrants, mostly from Central America, Friday morning at a Greyhound bus station near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, where they were left to fend for themselves as overwhelmed volunteers sought help for them.

The group was the latest in a series of migrant drop-offs that began late last year and has been continuing on and off ever since. Local church volunteers have been working to accommodate them, but their resources have become increasingly strained.

Many of the migrants arriving Friday had been in the United States less than 24 hours. Some had waited at a port of entry at the Arizona-Mexico border for about two months to make their case for asylum.

They all had in their possession immigration-related documents given to them by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Many of them hadn't showered or didn't have a change of clothes, food and money. Some said they felt lucky volunteers showed up to help them provide temporary housing or a phone to call friends and relatives already living in the United States.

Friday's ICE drop-off is part of a continuing humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding in the past several months and has been fueled by what activists say are the Trump administration's immigration policies.
Which of course, is utter bullshit.The privations facing the illegal immigrants are due solely to their own choice to sneak into the country and demand asylum, knowing that the chances of actually getting it are negligible. It's only fair to make their enabler pay the bill.
At the same time, churches that have offered resources have been overwhelmed by the number of migrants being dropped off and lack of support from ICE officials, volunteers said.
Sounds like it's time to start sending them to San Francisco, instead.

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  1. start dropping these illegals in the middle of rich, democratic enclaves, like hollywood and malibu, or vineus beach. maybe if the libs that support open boarders get a taste of the fruits of their policies, they might, just might, start supporting a more secure boarder