Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Permit granted

On the second day of fishing on our Belize vacation, I got one little Bonefish, then we went looking for Tarpon and Permit. We tried several places, and had a couple shots at Tarpon, but no takers.  Then we went out further to som clears blue water over.a sand flat where Permit were reputed to dwell. After polling around for a while Ken spotted a small group of them at the edge of turtle grass patch. After fumbling the first cast, I tossed my crab a good ten feet in front of the lead fish. The race was on, and it seems like it went to the biggest and strongest.. It made many blistering runs on the heavy Tarpon rod before I got it to the boat.

We had no more sightings after that, so we went back after Tarpon. After several sightings, and more then a few bungled casts int the heavy wind, I finally had one eat my baitfish, and get hooked. It must have been about 4 ft long, and jumped at least four times before it threw the hook. We went back to fishing for Tarpon when a huge school of Jack Caravelle swam neat, and a bait fish tossed in resulted in an instant hookup.

At that point it was time to call it a day. Maybe more shots at Tarpon tomorrow.

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