Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Popular Chinese Actress Runs Afoul of "Social Credit" System

Chinese actress, 39, is BANNED from leaving the country as she tries to board her plane after she was declared 'untrustworthy' by Beijing's controversial 'social credit' system
A well-known actress and former international beauty queen has been banned from travelling out of China after being deemed 'untrustworthy' by the country's social credit system.

China-born, U.S.-raised Michelle Ye Xuan, 39, only found out about the travel restriction against her when she was about to board a plane in Beijing last month.

Ms Ye, who won the Miss Chinese International competition at the age of 19, had failed to follow a court order from last year after being found guilty of defaming her then boyfriend's ex-girlfriend on social media.
 It's generally a mistake to flout court orders.
Ms Ye, who grew up in Hangzhou and New York, is the first high-profile figure to be punished by Beijing's controversial social credit system, which rates citizens based on their daily behaviour and punishes 'untrustworthy' people in as many ways as possible.

Millions of offenders have been penalised since the national system was rolled out in selective cities in 2014.

Having appeared in dozens of mainstream TV shows and films in both Hong Kong and mainland China, Ms Ye is hailed by her fans for her 'classic Chinese beauty' appearance and enviable upbringing in the United States since the age of 10.

She studied in liberal arts institution Wellesley College in Massachusetts, according to information on her verified Weibo account.
So she grew up in the US. No wonder she's under the illusion that she was free. She probably heard at Wellesly that China was freer than the US.
According to a court statement, Ms Ye failed to meet the court's order by the deadline of August. Ms Lv then filed a request to the court for an injunction in September, and Ms Ye failed to answer the subpoena.

The court said it then put a restriction on Ms Ye's ability to spend money in China - which the court said the star later broke - and attempted to contact her repeatedly, but the actress did not respond.

As a result, she was blacklisted by the court and banned from leaving the country last December.
I can just see progressives aching to institute a social credit system in the US.
A judge of the Shanghai Xuhui Court was immediately notified. The judge contacted Ms Ye, urging her to carry out her legal duty.

The court said Ms Ye agreed to do so at once. She deleted the required posts from her social media while still at the airport and handed the required apology to the court by noon.

Ms Ye was also fined 80,000 yuan (£9,000) for her behaviour.
 Sounds a little steep, but that's what happens when you ignore them the first time.

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