Monday, March 18, 2019

Three's a Crowd

Ivana Smit                     Alexander Johnson and Luna Almaz
Not enough room on that balcony, I guess. Mystery surrounds death of model, 18, who fell naked from balcony during swinger’s party
Dutch model Ivana Smit was reportedly dead before she fell from the 20th-floor balcony of an apartment in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, in December 2017.

She had been at a sex party held at the home of US businessman Alexander Amado Johnson, 45, and his wife Luna Almaz, 31.

The couple told cops they had been having sex with the teenager before she died.

Malaysian coroner, Mahyon Talib, ruled yesterday that a crime had not been committed.

She said there was evidence of a struggle, including head injuries, and Mr Johnson’s DNA found underneath her fingernails.

A post-mortem exam revealed she had cocaine, alcohol and high levels of amphetamines in her system when she died.

Talib said: "Grip marks on her arm, the trauma at the back of her head, the broken bottles and Alex's DNA under Ivana's nails suggest that there might have been a possibility that there was a struggle.”

But she went on to say: "We cannot know what actually happened between the three of them."

Sankara Nair, the Smit family lawyer, expressed anger over the controversial ruling.

He said: “Surely a dead body can't walk over and take a dive? Somebody threw her body down."

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