Monday, March 11, 2019

Holy Cow!

The best of today's 21 shark's teeth:

It's a nice, if slightly broken Cow Shark. One of the rarer teeth.

I guess I should tell this story too. A few days ago, Friday, I think, we were walk back from way up the beach past Matoaka Cottages, and as Skye and I argued over which way to go over some downed trees, the catch of the leash was pushed open by a branch, and the leash fell off her collar.

Skye, being an absolutely typical Siberian took off like a shot, back down the beach, barely looking back to see if we were following. We came as quickly as we could, (including me falling once in the sand in an overenthusiastic jump off the groin at Matoaka), but by that time she was totally out of site, and we couldn't see her up on the beach. At that point Georgia and I split up, with Georgia going up to the top of the cliffs at Matoaka, while I went up in the streets around Calvert Beach, and recruited a couple of neighborhood ladies to be on the outlook.

After a fruitless search at Matoaka, and on the streets of Long Beach, Georgia made it back to the car, and picked me up, and after checking a few more streets in Calvert Beach, we decided to drive back into Matoaka and check more thoroughly.

After we got back down to the cabins, we met one of the new owners working in his shed. He asked us if we were looking for our dog. He said he had just seen her about 5 minutes ago, when she came into the shed to greet him, but apparently didn't stay.  Just then, Georgia got a call on her cell phone, and a woman said she thought she had our dog. Georgia asked where, and she said at the office at Matoaka, only 50 or so yards away.  As we drove up, Skye was sitting next to her, just having finished off a bowl of water. We wanted to shout to hold her by the collar, but when I opened the door to go get her, Skye ran up and jumped into the car.

We had a few words with her, but she clearly wasn't listening.

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