Monday, December 7, 2015

Fishing at Sunset

 I talked Trevor into going fishing this afternoon, about 2:30. Hard job, I know. Almost immediately, we found birds working over baitfish and Striped Bass. Here you can see a mass of birds fishing over a school.
 These fish proved to be, as I expected, mostly small, and after trying several different flocks of birds, we made our way down to Location X, where we tried the usual things, and had very little luck.
Sunset found us running back up the Bay ,still fishing around batches of birds, and mostly catching small fish.
 I lucked into one 20.25 inch fish (legal is 20.0) somewhere on the way back.
Meanwhile, the sunset just deepened. Looking back west toward the harbor.

 South toward the Gas Docks . . .
And east, towards the Eastern Shore. We were off the water at 4:45, and the show was about over.

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