Tuesday, November 24, 2015

False Advertising

By way of my Facebook feed: Transgender Girl Gets Mad At Straight Guys Because They Don’t Want To Date Someone With Male Parts
According to this, there’s this reality show in the UK that’s called “Young, Trans, and Looking For Love” detailing the experiencing of three transgender teenagers (must-see TV, I’m sure). One of these teenagers, Claire, was born a dude but identifies as female. This clip from the show shows Claire going to the beach in a bikini for the first time (she’s wearing shorts over her bikini bottom, please note) and she’s looking for some “hot guys.” But then, they find out that she’s still got the male equipment under her shorts and… yeah… you can pretty much figure out where this goes –

Yes, I know the feelings may not be there anymore as a result of hormone treatments, but surely she remembers being male and young and shallow. Pretty much interested in one thing and sex with another male, regardless of breasts, wasn't it.

But it would open up all kinds of interesting topics of conversation:

"So when do you get it cut off?"

"Why do you think you have a right to have sex with straight men?"

"Do you still masturbate?"

and so on. . .

Anyway, I have no ill will towards Claire, or any other transgender, but they need to realize that most of us are just living our lives the best way we know how, and don't want or need the complications of a romantic relationship with a transgender. Best you find a nice female to male transgender who will understand your trials.

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