Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Floron du Jour

Florida woman tased after falling asleep in grease dumpster
. . . 40-year-old Anna Marzita Shinkle is charged with drunken disorderly conduct and resisting an officer after falling asleep in the Lani Kai's grease dumpster just before 2am Saturday, according to an Lee County Sheriff's Office report.  "The female was unresponsive and covered in grease with a shirt on and her pants down at her ankles," the report states.

The deputy woke her up, told her he was a deputy sheriff and that the fire department was also there to help her. She responded "by stating 'go **** yourself'...then continuously stuck her middle finger up at him." and he said it didn't end there adding "she was going to cut us and **** us up."

"The fire department attempted to assist the woman, but she held onto the grease dumpster making it extremely difficult to remove her."

According to the report, deputies and firefighters, "warned the female that if she did not comply she would be soon as the female threatened us again and took an aggressive fighting stance, I tased the female."

She then complied with officers, was transported to Health Park hospital "to have the taser probes removed" and went to jail. . .
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