Friday, November 20, 2015

First Trip to the Dog Park

Rather than a beach walk today, we decided to visit the local dog park, a few miles away on Sixes Road. We were hoping to give Skye a chance to stretch her legs, and interact with a few friendly dogs off the leash.
There were not any other visitors to the park other than some road workers parking their paving vehicles, so Skye did not get to play with any new dogs. However, past visitors left lots of pee-mail messages, and she had to sniff most of them. It's a rather big area, so it took a while.
Here she's listening to her mistresses whistle. It got her attention, but did not bring her over to see what it was all about.
A sneeze. Caa-choo!
She did get to stretch her legs, and even worked up a good pant. Note the silly husky tongue.
A very late season Common Buckeye in the clover.

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