Saturday, November 14, 2015

A "Modest Solution" to Immigration and Mizzou

proposed by Smitty at The Other McCain: Thought Experiment On Fixing US & ME
This story about the Mizzou twits bemoaning the fact that events in The Real World had returned them to their prior media-attention-deprived state. Gives me an idea:

  1. Trump is making waves about mass-deportation of illegal aliens. Let’s stipulate that, if they were packing the gear to get themselves here, they’ve already showed more capability than the current crop of college nitwits. Bear with me.
  2. Instead of deporting illegal aliens, let’s deport all of academia! (Hollyweird: you’re on notice). Send all of these feckless administrators, Commie profs, and the minds they’ve polluted. . .to the Middle East.
  3. I figure the encounter of Radical Islam and academia with be some sort of matter/anti-matter affair. Promises to be a jolly meltdown, but hey: haven’t they all earned it?
  4. We can give American education a fresh kickstart by. . .educating the illegal aliens (who should be quite attentive to Americanization, having seen what just happened to academia.)
  5. And we all live maturely ever after.
I have friends in academia, but hey, if you're going to make an omelet, you're going to break some eggs. I wonder if Syria et al will take them, though.  It's going to take a big effort to get them all in plane, strap on the chutes and shove them out. With a little help for Donald Trump, maybe they can pay for it, too.

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