Friday, November 6, 2015

Possible Prosecution at

It looks like the Clinton Foundation is trying to quietly distance itself from its global health project, which has faced days of scrutiny over its federal tax returns.

On the same day the Clinton Health Access Initiative announced it had reversed course and would refile its tax forms, the Clinton Foundation changed its website to describe the organization as “independent.”

“Today the Foundation has staff and volunteers around the world working to improve lives through several initiatives, including the independent Clinton Health Access Initiative, through which 9.9 million people in more than 70 countries have access to CHAI-negotiated prices for HIV/AIDS medications,” the foundation website says today.

The subtle change comes after the initiative known as CHAI first said it would not fix erroneous tax returns and then, after media attention, changed its mind and said it would refile its 2012 and 2013 with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service after all.
. . .
The foundation has received millions of dollars from foreign governments, raising conflict-of-interest questions as Clinton runs for the Democratic nomination for president.
I wonder how much of Sid "the shiv" Blumenthal's salary the CHAI has contributed to the political operation.

Nice oil company you have there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it. . . Exxon Cut Off Funding To Clinton Foundation, Now Clinton Wants Exxon Investigated
All of a sudden Hillary Clinton is not of fan of ExxonMobil and is calling for an investigation into whether or not the oil company misled the public about climate change. I’m sure the timing is just a coincidence and her demand for a probe has nothing to do with the fact that the company stopped funding the Clinton Foundation.
Hillary Clinton is calling for a federal investigation of ExxonMobil’s climate change activities just months after the company neglected to renew its sponsorship of the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting.
ExxonMobil, which is being accused by global warming activists of misleading the public about climate change, has given between $ 1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and sponsored the CGI annual meeting in 2014. But this year, the oil giant was one of six major corporations that stopped sponsoring the event, according to USA Today.
Clinton said last week that the Department of Justice should investigate ExxonMobil for allegedly withholding data related to climate change, saying that there is “a lot of evidence they misled people.”
But despite Clinton’s comments, the Democratic presidential frontrunner has seemed willing to work with the oil giant until very recently, the International Business Times reports.
MBC probably didn't need that message, since the media (with the possible exception of Fox) are solidly in the democrat's fold.  NBCUniversal Executive Hosts Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton
An NBCUniversal executive, Joe Waz, is hosting a fundraiser today for Hillary Clinton.

"Clinton has arrived at her first fundraiser of the day. NBCUniversal executive Joe Waz, and his wife Cynthia Telles, are hosting the event," Dan Merica of CNN reports on Twitter.

While I don't believe in controlling campaign contributions, as long as the laws exist, the entire budget of Comcast should be considered a campaign contribution.

By way of Wombat-sochos "In The Mailbox: 11.05.15" and the Weasel Zippers,  Report: FBI Found Top Secret Info In Hillary’s Email, Enough To Charge Her
Fox News’ Monica Crowley revealed that several anonymous sources indicated to her that the FBI has found confidential “top secret” information on Hillary’s private email account, and that this is enough to press charges against her for obstruction.
Watch the video at the link (Trigger warning: Bill O'Reilly). I still don't believe Barack Obama cares enough about foreign policy to prosecute her for possibly leaking massive amounts of secrets.

Bernie Sanders Now Says There Are ‘Valid Questions’ About Hillary’s Damn Emails
Remember that big moment at the Democratic debate when Bernie Sanders said the American people are sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton‘s damn emails? Well, it turns out Sanders didn’t mean that to suggest he doesn’t think there’s anything worth investigating.

Sanders gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal today in which he was asked whether he was dismissing the Clinton email controversy altogether.

He said no and admitted that there are “valid questions” about concerns that there was classified material on Clinton’s server. And yes, Sanders thinks the federal investigation is appropriate.

And he wasn’t done there:
On the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, Mr. Sanders didn’t say he regretted his debate remarks. “You get 12 seconds to say these things,” he said of the debate setting. “There’s an investigation going on right now. I did not say, ‘End the investigation.’ That’s silly… Let the investigation proceed unimpeded.”
. . .
I always thought his comment was ambiguous and was being interpreted in the way most favorable to Ms. Clinton by the punditariat.

Clinton Campaign Fires Back at Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton’s campaign fired back Thursday at critical comments voiced by rival Bernie Sanders, saying he was engaging in the sort of “personal attacks” he had disavowed.

In an interview on Wednesday with The Wall Street Journal, the Vermont senator cast Mrs. Clinton’s policy reversals over the years as a character issue and said the federal investigation of the security surrounding her private email account as secretary of state is appropriate. He also suggested that she wouldn’t be an effective regulator of Wall Street.

“This has and will remain a campaign about issues for Hillary Clinton, and that’s what she’ll continue to talk about on the trail,” he said in an email. “It’s disappointing Sen. Sanders and his campaign strategists have chosen to change direction and engage in the type of personal attacks that they previously said he wouldn’t do.”
How dare the jester talk that way about the queen. 

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