Friday, November 27, 2015

Waterdam Walk

We met Alex at his store later today, after having breakfast at our favorite diner, and long walk in Canonsburg's big Town Park. After he was done with his final lesson for the day, we headed off for another walk, this time at Waterdam, a nice walking trail around one of Canonsburg's water reservoirs, a 0.75 mile loop.

After the walk, we went a tried a new restaurant, the Golden Pig, a small (11 seat) Korean BBQ a few miles out. Good, but not great; I'd rather have average Thai.

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  1. Thanksgiving marks the start of the "California season" in Thailand. Clear skies makes for a hot time in the sun but cool in the shade. Also, It's the start of Beer Garden season!

    This year it's going to be great! A little less than 500 mtr from my house, four families are opening an open air Isan restaurant (barbecue Thai style) next to a large group of rice paddies. Myself and the dogs will be able drink and eat with style, while we watch and dance with grey strokes that are migrating from China.