Sunday, November 15, 2015

Can the Redskins Defrock the Saints?

Hmmm. Redskins are 3-5, Saints are 4-5 before the 1 PM Kickoff at Fedex Field. Seems like it could happen, but I hear the Saints have a good offense. We'll see, won't we.

To be continued. . .

The weather here is bright and sunny and 60; great for November.
Now back to the Redskins name controversy. Preznit Obama decided to stick his nose back in it this week: Obama again urges Redskins' name change 
At the seventh annual White House Tribal Nations Conference in Washington, Obama praised the initiative as a step toward breaking stereotypes. At the professional level, the president has in the past suggested he supports changing the Redskins name, which has been embroiled in controversy for years. 
Redskins receive the opening kickoff, commit holding, and end up back at the 4 yard line. Oof.

Cousins  passes to Desean Jackson to the Saints 48. Then Morris runs it down to a 35 for another first down. Hey, looking good! Garcon with another first down. Saints 25.  Gordon Reed for a Redskins touchdown. Kick is good 7-0 Redskins with 8:14 left in the first quarter.

Adidas offers to help eliminate Native American mascots
Adidas is offering to help high schools nationwide drop Native American mascots.

Kewaunee High School already changed its team from the Indians to Storm.

The athletic shoe and apparel maker said Thursday it will provide free design resources to schools looking to shelve Native American mascots, nicknames, imagery or symbolism. The German company also pledged to provide financial support to ensure the cost of changing is not prohibitive.
Saints to their own 16 yard line on the kick off. After a little bit of fooling around Mark Ingram of the Saints takes off, and is pushed out of bounds 5 yards from the goal. Cooks scores on a short slant pass. Kick is good, 7-7 with 5:52 left in the first quarter.

Ross to the 20 on the kick off.
Team Criticizes Adidas' Program To Help High Schools Replace Native American Mascots
The Washington Redskins accused Adidas of “hypocrisy” Thursday, hours after the sports apparel company offered financial and creative aid to U.S. high schools interested in replacing Native American-themed mascots. The NFL franchise has been at the center of a yearslong, nationwide debate about whether school and professional sports teams should change team names that are potentially offensive.
Redskins driving down the field. Cousins is at 7 out of 7 passes. Not bad. Down to the Saints 40 yard line. Jones takes it down to the 6 yard line on a screen pass and a long run. Another Redskin touchdown on a pass to Jameson Crowder. Kick is good, 14-7 Redskins.
“The hypocrisy of changing names at the high school level of play and continuing to profit off of professional like-named teams is absurd,” Redskins spokesman Maury Lane said in a statement to the Washington Post. “Adidas makes hundreds of millions of dollars selling uniforms to teams like the Chicago Blackhawks and the Golden State Warriors, while profiting off sales of fan apparel for the Cleveland Indians, Florida State Seminoles, Atlanta Braves and many other like-named teams.”
Kickoff goes into the end zone, and the Saints kneel down and take it at the 20. Saints lose a yard on the first play. And negative yardage on the second play, back to the 12. And forced to kick. Redskins ball at their own 48. Redskins go nowhere and are forced to punt also. That was boring. . .

Joe Theismann Talks Redskins Name
"I've always been Washington Redskin. I think a lot of people that aren't Native American have raised questions about it. I've had many conversations with people in the Native American nations and some want it changed, some don't. I really think it's something that should be handled within the nations. I was very proud to wear that uniform and represent the Native American nations of this country. After we won the Super Bowl I received a chief's headdress which was one of the most honorable things that I've received... To me there's only one guy who will ever make that decision, Daniel Snyder, and he's been steadfast. He doesn't want it changed."
Saints from the 15 run it to the 29. Cooks runs for another first down at the 40. Drew Brees pass to Brandin Cooks for a Saints TD. Kick is good 14-14. Oh, I missed the quarter change somewhere, 10:44 left in the half.

Redskins from their 20. On the second play Matt Jones catches a short pass and runs 78 yards for a Redskins TD. 21-14.

Saints at the 20, lose ground, then make it to the 30. Brees sacked by Murphy and Baker. 3d and 11. No go. Saints punt, Redskins recover at the 17 and run to the 35, but lose 10 of it to holding.

Author Of Redskins Book Sizes Up Nickname Flap
At the simplest level I think the name is problematic, if not offensive. The spirit behind the name is not hateful or racist; it's just a remnant of an era and worldview that have both passed.

Furthermore, a large number of citizens believe the name is degrading or ugly and, therefore, it should be changed. Many of those people are intelligent, respected members of the media, who don't have anything to gain or lose based on the nickname of a sports team.
Cousins pass intercepted, but a holding call on the Saints negates it! Lucky is good . . . Redskins on the Saints 10ish. Multiple casualties on the next play, third and three. Cousins sacked back at the 18. Redskins settle for a field goal 24-14.
I can certainly empathize with those who believe there are more important issues in this country than the name of a football team. And I can equally empathize with those who believe political correctness and sensitivity have run amok in our society. There’s truth to both of those claims.
At the 2 minute warning, Saints are going nowhere fast. After the warning, they get a not good enough play, and  punt. Washington recovers at their own 31.
Personally, I think a name change is the right thing to do, but I'm not a vehement, passionate supporter. This issue will never go away unless the team name "Redskins" is abandoned, so I'm in favor of ending the controversy, not necessarily changing the name.

A smart, rational debate over this topic could fill up every single page of this book. But I think these pages are better used for celebrating and remembering the glory days of the franchise.
Crowder to the 37. Cousins sacked at the 36. Saints hold, Washington first down at the 41. Cousins pass to Stephan Anthony crosses midfield. Cousins sacked again,  2nd and 22! On a short pass Crowder makes it and then some. First down at the 16. False start Redskins, first and 21. Thompson makes another big gain, but Redskins send in the field goal unit. with 4 seconds. Kick is good, 27-14 Redskins as the first half ends.

HBO’s John Oliver goes after Daniel Snyder and the Redskins’ ‘Take Yo Panties Off’ defense
. . . if you thought Oliver would skip the chance to poke fun at the Redskins’ recent “Take Yo Panties Off” defense after a federal trademark judge ordered the cancellation of the team’s federal trademark registrations for disparaging Native Americans, well, then you underestimate how fun it is to say Edible Crotchless Gummy Panties on TV and/or Oliver’s dislike for Snyder.

In a three-minute segment on Sunday, Oliver rattled off several of the products and companies the Redskins cited in their appeal that feature potentially offensive language but have the support of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Many of them are unprintable here.
Saints start the second half on their own 20 yard line. First down. Another first down at the 45. Another Saints first down at the Redskins 40. Fourth and 1. Redskins hold and take over at their own 30ish.
“Intending to honor something is a lot different than actually honoring it,” Oliver says. “Although, since you seem to feel differently, let me suggest that everyone now honor Dan Snyder by renaming their fantasy football teams, ‘Dan Snyder is a thin-skinned racist whose sunglasses look like something a tacky pedophile might settle for.’ Dan, don’t get upset. Everything is ‘potentially disparaging’ to somebody.”
On the first play after the takeover, Alfred Morris runs it down to  the Saints 41. Matt Jones first down at the 31. Redskins settle for a field goal, Redskins 30-14.
It’s been a banner week for comedians addressing the Redskins name controversy. Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle sang that the name was ‘soooo racist’ in an Adele parody on Fox’s NFL pregame show on Sunday.
What do the Reformed Whores think about all this?
Well, the comedy/country musical duo — once barred from an appearance on a Disney property due to their name — loves the free publicity. But like Orlandino, they’re not thrilled about being lumped in with the Redskins.

“I’m offended that they would say that our name is as offensive as their incredibly offensive slur,” said Katy Frame, a Montgomery County native and one of the Reformed Whores. “That’s crap. No. I don’t accept that.”
Saints start from the 20, 4 minutes left in the third quarter. Holding penalty negates a near first down. Third and long even after a decent pass play. Saints punt. Redskins recover near the Saints 44.
“We’re not as bad as that, for sure,” agreed her partner, Marie Cecile Anderson.

Frame, as it turns out, went to school in the District, and was vaguely a Redskins fan, out of local pride. But her understanding changed with time, and she began thinking “that’s not okay — they can change it, they can grow up.” Her band’s name, she said, is meant to play around with gender roles and women’s issues; their lyrics include frequent riffs on women’s rights, empowerment, sex and love. This is not comparable, she argued, to a billion-dollar business warding off a group of aggrieved Native Americans.
Redskins first down on a Morris run to the 28. Another first down to the 18. Cousins TD pass to Jordan Reed. Redskins. Kick is good, Redskins  37-14. End of the third quarter.

Rob Riggle, Ken Jeong say Redskins’ nickname is ‘soooo racist’ in Adele parody
Comedian Rob Riggle made his weekly picks on “Fox NFL Sunday” with a parody of Adele’s new hit “Hello.” The two-minute song, which features actor Ken Jeong hitting some serious high notes, mocks every team in the NFC East, and almost nothing was off limits.

There was no mention of Greg Hardy, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s fireworks-damaged hand get shout-outs.

The Redskins’ portion focused on the team’s nickname. Jeong, sporting a Redskins beanie, jacket and Zubaz, lip syncs:

Late game interceptions fill D.C. with shame,
But at least they distract folks,
From our racist name.
It’s soooo racist.
Saints recovery bring them outside the 20, but a penalty puts them back behind it. However, the next play sees them cross the 30 for a first down. But, then they throw an interception and Goldson returns it 35 yards for a TD, kick is good. 44-14 Redskins.

Saints take the kick at the 16 or so. A couple bad passes, going for it on 4th and 4, and don't make it. Saints turn it over on downs. Redskins start from field goal range. Jones first down run to the 12 yard line.

Redskins at 4th and 4 at 12 or so, and Gruden decides to try another field goal. Good, 47-14 Redskins.

Saints allow it to run through the end zone and take it at the 20 yard line. After a couple failed play, Saints first down at the  32 ish. Long Saints pass ends with pass interference-offense. Next pass ends in pick. Colt McCoy in for the the Redskins, starting at their own 10.

Delay of game on Redskins. Third and 8. Not enough, Redskins punt. Saints take over at the 42 yard line with about 3 minutes.

The Saints are going nowhere fast. Two minute warning, without a first down.

OK, they finally get it, first and 10 at the Redskins 32. One minute left at ticking down.

Another first down, to  22.

Time expires, and the Saints slink off the field, having made the Redskins look surprisingly good at 44-14.

Redskins go to 4-5. Almost respectable.

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