Sunday, September 6, 2015

Beach Report, Saturday 9/6/15

 Saturday of the Labor Day Weekend finds the weather beautiful here. Sunny, warm but not hot and low humidity.
The Ospreys are nearly going crazy their quest to pack feed the nearly grown kids and pack on enough reserve for their anticipated migration south. The shallows are full of baitfish, and they're not having any problem catching a meal.
 The tax collectors hang around and look for a  tax payer. I think it's appropriate that the IRS emblem includes a Bald Eagle.
This pair were trying to winch a Cow Nosed Ray to the beach. They switched off between our outbound and return trip.  Big one. I guess it could have been a big Redfish or a Bull Shark. We didn't wait to find out.
 Looking south at our beach.
Nora and Colin, immortalized forever, or until the next high tide, whichever comes first.
The girls table at the picnic.

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