Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hey Ma, Look Who's Teaching the Kids!

Laci Green Talks Dirty to Girls
Laci Green (@GoGreen18) is a large-breasted blonde who is famous for talking dirty to girls on YouTube. She is an atheist who hates all religions because she hates her parents: “I was brought up Mormon, so I was brought up in a household that really shamed and stigmatized sex . . . It just made me feel rotten inside, anything having to do with sexuality.” She claims, “I was 18 or 19 and didn’t know what a clitoris was, and that’s sad, to me.” This is a very interesting claim because while attending Sierra College as a teenager, she was an officer in a student gay-rights group and in 2008, when she was 18, she was part of the campaign against California’s Proposition 8, which prohibited same-sex marriage. A teenage gay-rights activist who don’t know what a clitoris is? Yeah. Right.
I guess she didn't read very much. They have books for that sort of thing, you know.
Laci Green attended the University of California-Berkeley, where she was a “Female Sexuality program facilitator” and now lives in San Francisco. Among other things, she is an expert on lesbian sex and, coincidentally,she’s a feminist. Did I mention she really likes lesbians a lot? I think I did.

Exactly who you want talking to your teenage daughter, right?
The Rochester Institute of Technology will be hosting a girl who runs a graphic YouTube channel about sex its “featured orientation speaker.”
RIT announced Laci Green is slotted to be the school’s orientation speaker in a Facebook post. . . .

The RIT orientation website confirms Green will be speaking on Aug. 19 on the topic of “Taking Back Rape Culture.”

Oh, “Rape Culture”! In her video explaining why she’s a feminist — besides hating religion and her parents — Laci Green claims her “first boyfriend sexually assaulted” her. Whether that was before or after she found out what a clitoris is, I’m not sure. She identifies as “bisexual” and she really enjoys meeting her teenage fans. . .
This falls into my theory of employment. People who want to know how things work become scientists, people who want to make things work become engineers, people who like to control other people become politicians legally, people who want to physically bully people legally become cops, and people who want to talk dirty to kids legally become sex ed teachers.

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